Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 17th. CFA Monday 17th. CFA
Monday 17th.

A very charming summer’s day. I went up to my House and was delayed by the nonappearance of the workmen for some time and their not being prepared with a pattern for the cornices from which I might 281choose. Directed Kirk in his work which goes on steadily. Just before noon, the gentlemen at Mrs. Adams’ called with a proposition to my father and myself to bathe to which we assented and found the water extremely refreshing. Home where I was again called to go and make a selection, and did so, but had time for only about fifty lines of Homer before dinner. Afternoon somewhat fatigued so that I did little more than finish Wieland’s Abderites and a little of Humboldts New Spain. Evening at home.

Tuesday. 18th. CFA Tuesday. 18th. CFA
Tuesday. 18th.

A delightful day. I went to town and as usual was full of occupation during my stay. Engaged in Accounts at the Office where I had several people calling to get bills paid. There seems to be some quickening in the small circulation as I have very rarely experienced so many demands in the little kind at once.

Mr. Whitcomb called also. He said he had seen several persons of the old democratic party and they had all seemed well disposed to support Mr. Van Buren in any rational plan he might adopt. He again urged some action. I told him that for myself I was indisposed for action, that as long as I felt so great a want of confidence in the future course of Mr. Van Buren, so long should I be inclined rather to wait and see a plan proposed which might be followed, than to originate any. The conversation turned upon A. H. Everett and his broken fortunes, after which he left. I then went to the House and was engaged in some commissions which consumed the remainder of my morning.

Home. Afternoon at the House, where they are very rapidly doing the finishing work in the second story, but the masons go on very slowly. Read a good deal of Humboldt whose account requires his maps which unfortunately we need. Evening conversation with my father.

Wednesday. 19th. CFA Wednesday. 19th. CFA
Wednesday. 19th.

Morning very clear and pleasant but it clouded up at night. I remained at home, walking up into the town on certain commissions, and then round by the quarries which are deserted, home. At the house, superintending the outside work which is in progress. The remainder of my morning passed in reading Homer, which certainly becomes easier. I find that I have still much to learn, but the Port Royal Grammar is a mine of information.

Afternoon, Humboldt and Lessing’s Laocoon which I barely com-282menced. The first, difficult to remember. I am perhaps more particular than most persons about an apparatus of study. I cannot do so well if I have not the assistances within my reach, which is much the case at home but not here. Evening the ladies walked up to the House, and back. The results are now daily becoming more visible and I am satisfied with every thing but the expense. Conversation with my father. Politics and Banking.