Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 3rd. CFA Sunday. 3rd. CFA
Sunday. 3rd.

Day clear. I occupied myself this morning in writing a second number upon Texas in comment upon the resolutions of the Legislature of Mississippi. Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Whitney preach from James I. 22. “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves,” upon the spirit of attendance upon Christian worship. Mr. Whitney’s enunciation is now so imperfect that I could not catch the afternoon text and I lost my attention to the subject.

Afternoon a discourse of Sterne. Matthew 11. 29. “Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” Humility, a security against disappointments. Pride, the cause of half 309the sufferings of life. A conclusion “against spiritual pride, particularly that resting upon inspirations, or the doctrine of the methodists and quakers.”

Evening quiet at home. I remembered the day. It is now eight years since I was married, and I have never felt any cause of regret for that step or uneasiness excepting on account of the very indifferent health of my wife. This I hope will mend.

Monday 4th. CFA Monday 4th. CFA
Monday 4th.

A clear beautiful day of an Autumn climate. I was at the house again today somewhat, as I am preparing the grounds this week for final disposition. I sent another paper upon Texas to the Quincy Patriot. This has but a limited circulation, yet it is all I can now conveniently avail myself of.

Read and finished the sixth and began the seventh book of the Iliad. All my Summer’s work and a very poor Account it is to give. Arranged a few volumes in the library besides. Afternoon, it being a fine day, I decided upon making that long contemplated trip to Dedham to get those Deeds sent by me in November last.

The Country was very fresh and I have a very particular admiration of the scenery in Milton. There is a rich rural scenery with round mountainous projections in the distance, which delight me. I remained at Dedham only long enough to call upon the register of Deeds, get my papers and return. I got a little out coming home so that I came to the foot of the blue hill. This I did not regret as I got home in good season to tea.

Evening, Loto with the children, after which writing upon Currency. This is the day for the meeting of Congress under the special call, at which the public attention is now very much roused.

Tuesday 5th. CFA Tuesday 5th. CFA
Tuesday 5th.

I went to town. Very fine day. At the Office, engaged in accounts. Visits from Mr. Walsh and Mr. Whiting, my Mason. The latter bringing his Account after the return of the Surveyor, with which he was much dissatisfied. I thought it fair, but not high.

Call upon T. K. Davis to give him for Mr. Henry a copy of my father’s report upon Weights and Measures which he asked me for as long ago as at Josiah Quincy’s when we dined there. To my house also and to see Mr. Brooks with whom I had much talk.


Home. Afternoon at my house where they are engaged breaking the ground up round the house. I have been much troubled by the large masses of pudding stone which lie scattered about the single acre I have taken and which it is hard to move or to leave. Read a little of Humboldt. Evening at home, Loto, after which, writing.