Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

317 Monday. 18th. CFA Monday. 18th. CFA
Monday. 18th.

A heavy fog in the morning with mist but no rain. I was at the House a good deal where they are finishing the sods. Thence to the Bank where I transacted business, and to the Office of the Quincy Patriot to leave my third paper upon Texas. I find that if this topic is to be followed up, I must gain a little more information upon it. Dr. Channing’s Pamphlet is slightly deficient in this respect and some articles I see in the Morning Post upon the other side detail facts in too lame a manner to use them.

Home. Read a hundred lines of the eighth book of the Iliad which consumed the remainder of the morning. The afternoon is now too commonly thrown away. Evening with the children, and at 8. o’clock to Mr. T. Greenleaf’s where my wife and Mary took tea. Nothing new. Home. Wrote a little.

Tuesday 19th. CFA Tuesday 19th. CFA
Tuesday 19th.

Cloudy with drops of rain, but it cleared afterwards. I went to town. Time taken up very much, partly in accounts and partly in visitors. Mr. Everett came in and talked a little while. He spoke of the Treasury measures with approbation in which I could not join him. We had a sort of an argument which was interrupted by Mr. Whiting my Mason who came in with his account. I could not then look it over but paid him on account a little until I should be able to do so. J. Q. Adams and Joseph came in for a moment, after whom Mr. Sayer with whom I settled in full for his furniture. Thus I had only time enough left for a hasty visit to Mr. Brooks to consult him upon Mr. Stanwood’s business, and to the House on some orders. Then home.

Afternoon at the house where nobody is now working excepting Kirk and I have set him upon the drain. I came back so as to save a little time and read a portion of the pamphlet upon Texas very opportunely sent me by my father.1 Loto with the children. After which I wrote somewhat upon the Currency. My mother has been unwell in her room for a day or two.


The author and title of the pamphlet are unknown to the editors. Presumably, it is among the bound collection of 15 pamphlets and tracts 1836–1837, relating to the annexation of Texas now at MQA (shelf mark 644.13).

Wednesday. 20th. CFA Wednesday. 20th. CFA
Wednesday. 20th.

Fine morning. I was not very usefully employed, although not at my house as much as common. Read the greater part of the pamphlet 318upon Texas which gives the substance of the whole matter. Went down to Mr. Daniel Greenleaf’s Wharf to fish for an hour by way of relaxation, but I caught not enough to remain. Afternoon passed much in the same general way. Nothing but Texas today. The case is a more striking one than even I had supposed. We must try and work it up into something good.

Evening at Mr Miller’s whither the ladies of the family had gone. Only Mrs. T. B. Adams and her family, with Mr. Price Greenleaf besides. Heard of the death of poor Frances Beale who has gone since we first came out to Quincy this summer, in a very rapid consumption. She was as lovely a flower as one could expect to meet but almost marked beforehand, by the delicacy of her frame. I continued my paper upon the currency.