Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 26th. CFA Tuesday. 26th. CFA
Tuesday. 26th.

I went into town this morning. My time much taken up, first in a visit to the Athenaeum where I found several of the works of which I was in quest, and then to my house. At this place was a lady waiting to see me about the House in Hancock Street, whom I accompanied there, and we spent some time discussing the repairs. She left without positively engaging and at the same time imposed upon me all the risk and responsibility of the repairs. This is the usual way. I returned to 322the office and from thence to see Mr. Brooks who told me Stanwood’s affair was in process of settlement.

I returned to Quincy only satisfied that I must go in again tomorrow. Afternoon at my house where they have at last set to work upon the drain in earnest. The extent of the labour however dispirits me. And now I seem to have a good deal of work in these Lectures. Evening, after playing with the children I read some of the Maritime discovery in the North of Lardner1 and commenced a Draft.


Rev. Dionysius Lardner, popularizer of science, and editor of the Cabinet Cyclopaedia, 133 vols., London, 1830–1849.

Wednesday 27th. CFA Wednesday 27th. CFA
Wednesday 27th.

Went to town again today, wind warmer and cloudy. I was at the house and from thence to see Kauffer the painter about the work in Hancock Street. Several commissions also consumed the time and the business of the Agency at the Office. I felt somewhat relieved from immediate pressure although not at all so from the general one which I have endured for some time. My anxiety about terminating at my house, and the town arrangements for the winter together with the agency concern and the superintendence of the place at Quincy with two or three literary projects on hand embarrass and confuse me.

Home. Afternoon as usual in superintendance. Evening after Loto with the children, I was with the Ladies until they retired when I sat down to a resolute effort to make a draft of my plan, and I accomplished so much in a short time as to ease my mind a good deal, but not entirely for the plan being so extensive, it puzzles me on the one hand to cull the objects and on the other to condense the style. This is in itself a small affair and yet to do it creditably is somewhat important to me.

Thursday 28th. CFA Thursday 28th. CFA
Thursday 28th.

I was at home much of the day, occasionally taking a trip up the hill to observe the progress, but a great part of my time was consumed in looking over the accounts of the various polar voyages which decidedly fall into number, and in making such an abstract of them as would in my opinion do. A difficulty occurs to me in regard to a map which is a very necessary portion of the matter. How I shall get through I do not know, but nothing can be done without a trial and where is there a better place to begin?


The accounts from Washington appear to be rather inclining towards an adjournment though not positively. Afternoon very short and mostly passed superintending the filling up the drain which is now nearly done and very materially contributes to smoothing off the back of the house. This is the first day it appears at all to me as if I saw any end. Evening at home. Mr. Whiting called to settle.