Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 28th. CFA Thursday 28th. CFA
Thursday 28th.

I was at home much of the day, occasionally taking a trip up the hill to observe the progress, but a great part of my time was consumed in looking over the accounts of the various polar voyages which decidedly fall into number, and in making such an abstract of them as would in my opinion do. A difficulty occurs to me in regard to a map which is a very necessary portion of the matter. How I shall get through I do not know, but nothing can be done without a trial and where is there a better place to begin?


The accounts from Washington appear to be rather inclining towards an adjournment though not positively. Afternoon very short and mostly passed superintending the filling up the drain which is now nearly done and very materially contributes to smoothing off the back of the house. This is the first day it appears at all to me as if I saw any end. Evening at home. Mr. Whiting called to settle.

Friday 29th. CFA Friday 29th. CFA
Friday 29th.

The Easterly wind was sharp this morning as I rode into town. My time divided between the House where I went to see how matters were going on and the Office. Mr. Kauffer came about the painting and Mr. Ladd to settle his account with me. This with accounts kept me very tolerably busy. A. H. Everett came in also and talked a little while. He intimated that the Abolitionists were having a meeting or Convention at Worcester with the intention of nominating candidates for the State Offices, that there was a little leaning to Morton as against his brother which might affect the election. I told him I thought nothing would prevent that election this year by ten thousand majority and that the attempt to lean on Morton with the present feeling against the National Executive would be a mere trick without effect. He did not seem to join in this. Home. Afternoon at the House. There is very little time after dinner to do any thing now. Evening, writing until late.

Saturday 30th. CFA Saturday 30th. CFA
Saturday 30th.

Morning cloudy and cold which ended towards evening in rain. This is very much needed every where and by no one more than by myself. I wrote a little while but was afterwards drawn away to the Wharf to catch Smelts. This is just about the commencement of the fine season and we caught abundance of them. But I found a head ach coming on which in fact disturbed me for the remainder of the day. By great care I prevented it’s becoming excessive, but it was still enough to prevent much progress in my undertaking. Retired early.