Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

331 Thursday 19th. CFA Thursday 19th. CFA
Thursday 19th.

Morning I went to town, and as usual followed the round. The variety today was the sale by Auction of the two houses mortgaged to Mr. Johnson. There was a small company and no great disposition to bid.

The first house was bid off at a preference of about $350 for what was said by Coolidge to have cost $7000 above the Mortgage. The other was bid in by myself at $100 upon the strength of the direction of Mr. Brooks. There was no advance upon it and the house was bid off to me. I reported the affair to Mr. Brooks who seemed to be puzzled to know what to do about it.

Home. Continued the process of raking off which was nearly done on the north side today. Also went round making a final payment of some bills.

Friday 20th. CFA Friday 20th. CFA
Friday 20th.

A light rain but not enough to wet any thing. A drizzle continuing with occasional showers. I was retained however in the house and followed up my Lecture with a good deal of diligence.

This is the best account of my day, for at dinner a kind of misunderstanding took place with my Mother which came near leading to serious consequences. This was occasioned by an incident respecting my boy John too trivial to be worth mentioning, but which my own quickness perhaps rendered important.

I rode to Boston with the view of remaining there, but upon due reflection, that my wife and Mary were both accidentally involved in the difficulty and I was making them pay the penalty of my fault, I concluded to return after calling at my own house. Upon reflecting over this matter, I approve of this last step. Every thing calculated to break down my spirit is useful, for of all my difficulties of selfgovernment, that of quick temper is the greatest.

Saturday 21st. CFA Saturday 21st. CFA
Saturday 21st.

My youngest boy Charles has been so unwell for some days as to be under the management of Dr. Woodward who has plied him hard with strong medicine. I went to town this morning taking with me one of our women, Catherine who has been with the children latterly, and bringing out Mrs. Fields their regular nurse. My time was much engrossed by applications from Tenants, by a call at one of the houses in Tremont Street, and by a visit to Mr. Brooks about the Somerset Court 332affair.1 Upon reflection, I preferred to throw off the whole of the odium of making a profit out of the transaction. Home. Afternoon, busy in planting raspberry and straw berry vines upon my ground. Evening, continued my work.


The house purchased at auction on the 19th was located in Somerset Court, near the south end of Somerset Street ( Boston Directory, 1837).