Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Monday. October 1. CFA Monday. October 1. CFA
Monday. October 1.

A lovely day, more like June than this month. Morning in part in study and part out. Afternoon a ride. Evening at home.

Locke’s Essay Volume 2, p. 1–42. On the abuse of words, a fruitful subject, if it could be followed up in all it’s conclusions. Justness of thought depends exceedingly upon the right use of words because they often help to define what might otherwise lie cloudy.


Walked to Mrs. Adams’ to arrange her Quarterly Sums and heard on the road of the increasing sickness which prevails. This makes me anxious about the children who are nevertheless tolerably well excepting John who has been drooping, but appears better this afternoon.

Lucretius 5 book, 90–300. The prophecy of the world’s destruction does not appear very new and yet we see no symptom of it at this late day. My father rode with me round the beautiful town of Milton, my favourite and it never looked better than now.

Mr. Price Greenleaf called in the evening and I accompanied him to a meeting of citizens to prevent stealing of fruit. He sat with us an hour afterwards. Miss Julia DeWint here.

Tuesday. 2d. CFA Tuesday. 2d. CFA
Tuesday. 2d.

Fine day. Morning with my father to town. Afternoon, study and in the evening, company at home.

My time was very much taken up today, by the occupations incident to the commencing Quarter. Also in various walks to and fro to execute orders of different descriptions. It seems little to walk into so many different parts of Boston at any one time, but the sum total of distance is far from trifling.

Lucretius 5th book, 300–503. Amusing to follow his explanations of the system of the Universe, accommodating them to his theory. A small number of persons at tea tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Lunt, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Miss Hedge, E. C. Adams, Mr. Beale and his daughters. Miss Harriet Welsh here to pass the night.

Wednesday 3d. CFA Wednesday 3d. CFA
Wednesday 3d.

Day threatening but after a brief shower it cleared. To town with my father and Wife in the carriage, returning in the evening.

We went to town for the sake of attending the christening of Gorham Brooks’ younger child which took place at Mr. Frothingham’s house a little before dinner time. The morning devoted to the Office and Accounts. The members of the family and my father dined with Mr. F. afterwards and we did not return until sunset. I was so much fatigued I could hardly keep awake.

Mr. Price Greenleaf called afterwards respecting a paper he was to draw up offering a reward for the discovery of robbers of fruit. Miss Welsh and Miss DeWint were also here tonight.

This day gives but an unprofitable Account of time, and entertainments are all productive of little to me but vanity and vexation of spirit.