Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

120 Thursday 4th. CFA Thursday 4th. CFA
Thursday 4th.

Fine day. At home, an hour spent in fishing. Afternoon ride and evening at the Mansion.

Locke, 2 vol. p. 42–84. A valuable Chapter upon the remedy to abuse of words. In that which treats of the extent of knowledge he supposes it possible for the Deity to make matter think. His defence of this position is not marked with his usual strength. The ultimate deduction must necessarily be materialism as the presence of spirit as an independent power is thus dispensed with. Lucretius, 503–713, groping about in the dark for some explanation of the appearances of the natural world.

I lost some time in attempting to catch fish at Greenleaf’s Wharf without success. My father rode with me round Mount Wollaston. Dined with him and spent the evening at cards. The men were blasting rocks all day below my house.

Friday. 5th. CFA Friday. 5th. CFA
Friday. 5th.

Day very fine. Morning in town. Afternoon at home and evening at the Mansion.

My time was engrossed in town much as usual, but in a manner not at all interesting to record. I only note that I found the things which had been stolen from my house at the police Office, including a few I had never missed.

Lucretius, 713–920. Every now and then he blazes up with a fine poetical burst, like the march of the seasons today. The days are however getting so short as materially to diminish study.

Evening, Mr. Price Greenleaf was at my father’s and general conversation. The men were blasting again today with good success.

Saturday. 6th. CFA Saturday. 6th. CFA
Saturday. 6th.

Warm, windy day. Morning passed out of doors. Afternoon at home. Evening at the Mansion.

I felt a little inclining to head ach today which however passed off as I was actively engaged in the field below my house in superintending the process of drawing out the masses of rock which the powder had split. Had Mr. Carr and Deacon Spear’s son with four oxen and they did well. I should become very fond of farming improvement if I knew how to carry it on without imprudence.

Lucretius, 920–1150. The whole passage of the origin of civilization 121 image highly poetical in its character. The gems remain while the setting has ceased to be attractive. Grimm also who is Diderot mad, his critical opinions are good when they do not involve his prejudices.