Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

157 Monday 17th. CFA Monday 17th. CFA
Monday 17th.

Fine day though cold, Distribution as usual. Evening visit.

My morning at the Office was consumed in looking up Title deeds and in making settlement with Mr. Brooks of his interest in Mr. Johnson’s Affairs. Thus a large sum is now in my hands which will require re-investment. I must try to be cool and cautious.

Continued Alcestis picking up much in my review. Coins, comparing with Cook and Crevier. I am improving and refreshing my acquaintance with the Roman Empire.

Evening Mrs. Adams and I to see Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Tucker. He was out but we were admitted and saw her and Mrs. Gray her daughter. After a pleasant half hour we went home. Mr. Tucker is one of those gentlemen who has manifested some little kindness towards me and therefore it is that I do this.

Tuesday 18th. CFA Tuesday 18th. CFA
Tuesday 18th.

Clear. Time as usual. Evening to Jamaica Plains to lecture.

A little snow had fallen during the night but the day was clear and pleasant. At the Office I hardly know how I occupied myself but the time went. Finished my arrears of Diary which will grow upon my hands now and then and corrected my Account books. Home where I went over much of Alcestis. Coins.

At six o’clock Mr. Richard Greenleaf called for me to go to Jamaica Plains where I had been engaged by Mr. Whitney to deliver my Lecture. We reached his house early and after warming ourselves were escorted to the hall, a small building apparently erected for the purpose in which I found a large number of persons among whom were many of my acquaintances. To them I delivered the Lecture which has heretofore been so successful, in quite as animated a manner as before. It appeared to take with them quite as much as it had ever done elsewhere and I received many congratulations. After taking a cup of coffee at Mr. Whitney’s we returned and I got home much fatigued by half past nine.

Wednesday 19th. CFA Wednesday 19th. CFA
Wednesday 19th.

Fine day. Distribution as usual. Evening visit.

My time at the Office was taken up in finishing various little duties which I recollected still to remain unperformed. Wrote to Mr. Frye respecting the execution of the Will of T. B. Adams, sent a letter to 158the publisher of the Concord paper and left one for an old tenant Miss Oliver,1 besides calling upon the painter Kauffer. These little details it is pleasant to get rid of. I then walked round to take a look at the South Cove.

Home. Alcestis. Coins and Crevier. A visit in the evening to see Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham and a pleasant talk for an hour. A very agreeable place to visit in a sociable way. Nothing new.


LbC of the letter to Nathaniel Frye is in the Adams Papers; the other two letters are missing.