Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

16 Friday. 30th. CFA Friday. 30th. CFA
Friday. 30th.

Morning cloudy but it cleared pleasantly, though the melting snow made the walking bad. I went to the Office where I drew up an Account between Mr. Johnson and myself preparatory to the reception of a letter from him. Received a pamphlet from my father containing an abstract of the Bank returns for the United States which I examined with some curiosity. Interrupted by Mr. Ayer who came for his money which I paid him, and was obliged to go up with him to the House in Tremont Street where I was ordering some repairs. This consumed my time for my exercise which I still too much neglect. Sophocles. Afternoon coins, in which I continue to make progress. Evening, to my Wife part of the Simple Story.

Saturday 31st. CFA Saturday 31st. CFA
Saturday 31st.

A fine clear day. I went to the Office where I was engaged in looking through Mr. Woodbury’s Pamphlet about the Banks, a pretty useful though very unmethodical summary. Surprised by the appearance of John Q. Adams Junior who came with Elizabeth, his sister from Washington. They were hastened by the account of their Mother’s sickness. She is now however better. Letters from W. B. Lewis respecting the Administration of T. B. Adams’ effects, and from my father very brief,1 but none yet from Mr. Johnson. Call upon T. K. Davis respecting our proposal of starting to go to Washington. Home. Sophocles. Afternoon coins, and evening read to my Wife from the Simple Story and afterwards Eckhel.


The letter from W. B. Lewis is missing; that from JQA, 27 March, is in Adams Papers.