Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

166 Thursday 3d. CFA Thursday 3d. CFA
Thursday 3d.

Fine day. Distribution as usual. Evening at home.

My practice is to go down and read the Newspapers at the National Insurance Office where I commonly meet with a few gentlemen of commercial information and talk with them. To day I found there Mr. Henry Lee and had quite a free and long conversation with him upon the present state of the currency and the prospects of the Country in relation to it. I think he is the most intelligent gentleman that I meet with in mercantile circles where they are apt to be swayed by rather narrow notions. This made me late at the Office and but a very short time there.

Electra, and coins after dinner. An evening at home divided between my children with whom I play an hour after tea, my Wife who has her French lesson, and Miss Harriet Martineau.

Friday 4th. CFA Friday 4th. CFA
Friday 4th.

Cloudy day. Occupation as usual. Evening at home.

At the Office I finally got rid of the large sum of Mr. Johnson’s which has been upon my hands for some time.1 These operations are always a relief to my mind. Perhaps it would have been better if I had never charged myself with such heavy responsibilities in managing the affairs of others, but man is required to be useful for something and perhaps that is the wherein2 I may be considered most so.

Electra. I have got my Catalogue of Coins into the lower empire, where they are more confused and of less value and interest. Evening, Mrs. Adams and I attempted to pay a visit to Mrs. Quincy without getting in and to Mrs. Edward Blake where there was company, so we returned home and travelled up the River Mississippi with Miss Martineau. Crevier.


CFA had invested $7,000 of T. B. Johnson’s funds, with his approval, in a mortgage on 22 Beacon Street (CFA to T. B. Johnson, 4 Jan., LbC, Adams Papers).


Thus in MS.

Saturday 5th. CFA Saturday 5th. CFA
Saturday 5th.

Day cloudy but it cleared. Distribution of time as usual. Evening at home.

I am commonly more occupied at my Office on this day than on any other as my Quincy business commonly is done on this day. Deacon Spear came in and returned me my Note to the Quincy Stone Bank 167which I hope is the last of the list of incumbrances upon me by virtue of my Country house.

Returned home as usual and read a portion of Electra which is more difficult Greek than Alcestis, but which is nevertheless a very powerful play. After dinner, worked upon coins as usual, and Crevier. Evening at home quietly, but passing rapidly by force of French, of Miss Martineau and a visit from Mr. Brooks which was however very brief.