Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday 27th. CFA Wednesday 27th. CFA
Wednesday 27th.

Morning fine but it clouded over by night. Time as usual. Evening at Mrs. Thorndike’s.

I am so much dissatisfied with my papers upon currency that I have determined to bring them down to the Office and try to build up an improved set. I began upon this work today, and thought I did well.


Antigone in review. Afternoon devoted to the MS, finishing the arrangement of the Executive Correspondence which in itself makes four large volumes. This is a work too long delayed, and one which is among the most necessary. I am not very constantly occupied and yet how perpetually I am delaying this, and giving to almost any other duty a preference. I made a great step today.

Evening, Mrs. Adams was so much fatigued with the exertion of the last two nights that tonight she was compelled to remain at home. So I went alone to Mrs. Charles Thorndike’s. It was a small party, indeed perhaps the smallest of the sort I have been to this winter, but was very handsome and very pleasant.

Thursday 28th. CFA Thursday 28th. CFA
Thursday 28th.

Cloudy but it cleared fine. Time as usual. Evening, Mr. Brooks at home.

The children have been more or less out of order for a week or two past and today the baby drooped much. We have been exceedingly dissipated of late and I think it is high time for us to lay by and be quiet. Since my residence in Boston I have never known so gay a winter, and by a singular coincidence it has been the season I have selected to extend my acquaintance. This I have done partially but not generally.

At the Office continuing my papers. The boundary troubles still the prominent topic. Antigone, and an afternoon of relaxation with Crevier and Gibbon.

Mr. Brooks took tea with us and mentioned a suggestion of my father’s appointment on a special mission to England, which is no otherwise worthy of notice excepting as going to show the public estimate of his value in times of difficulty. Began Burr.