Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

243 Friday 31st. CFA Friday 31st. CFA
Friday 31st.

Fair. Morning to town. Afternoon at home. Evening at the Mansion.

I went to town this morning, accompanied by Miss L. C. Smith. My time almost exclusively taken up in commissions. I had to superintend the getting some boxes from my house, and also some things from Washington. This required going backward and forward so often that it took up much of my time. Home to dine.

Afternoon out among my trees which I try perhaps to take too much care of. Lucan b. 4. 235–470. The fighting is vigorous but there is too much of it.

Evening, visits from J. H. Foster and J. H. Adams. Paid to the latter the legacy which has been in my father’s hands,1 making the last but one of that extensive trust created by the will of my grandfather. I am very glad he is becoming released from it’s injunctions which so far as he is concerned he has faithfully fulfilled. After transacting the business we all walked down to the mansion for the evening.


Joseph Harrod Adams had reached the age of 21 in 1838.