Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 13th. CFA Thursday 13th. CFA
Thursday 13th.

Clouds and rain. At home, rather idle. Evening at home.

Looked over the review of Tucker which I have finished and found it on the whole as good as I had any reason to expect. I will send it and take leave of Mr. Hunt for the present who has not as yet made out to publish his first number. Perhaps he will fail in doing so at all. At any rate this makes the last of my positive occupation and in the absence of new I rather idled.


Looked over some of the MS of J.A. at the house and had some conversation with my father about them, who recommended to me to attempt a biography of my grandmother.1 I do not know that this would be beyond my ability.

Read more of Lessing’s Fables and after dinner Lucan 7. 306–616. Also Grimm, but I felt languid all day as from indigestion. Sorry to find these symptoms coming back upon me. My father spent an hour with us in the evening so that as it rained from the North East I concluded not to go down.


On the day before, JQA had been visited by Henry Colman, commissioner of agriculture and former active minister (see entry for 12 March 1837, above) whom he had encountered at the dinner of the Agricultural Society on 8 June. Colman sought from JQA sanction to write a memoir of the life of AA, “whom he said he had almost adored; a proposal which I promised to take into consideration. Mr. Colman is a highly respectable worthy and intelligent man; but the task of writing a memoir of the life of my mother ought to be performed by myself or by my Son” (JQA, Diary, 12 June).

Friday 14th. CFA Friday 14th. CFA
Friday 14th.

Cool and clear. Morning to town. Afternoon at home. Evening at the Mansion.

I went to town and passed most of my time at the Office engaged in making up my accounts and in copying some papers for my father relative to the affairs of Mr. Boylston. This took most of my time.

Home. Lucan Pharsalia finished the seventh book with the sketch of the battle of Pharsalia. His sketch of Caesar is below the standard of the historians.

Passed some time in work but felt the coming on of a headach. This is a new state for me which I do not understand or admire and depresses my spirits. I had been so free all the winter. I suspect it is acid and so I took soda which relieved me. Evening at the Mansion where were Mr. Beale and his daughter.

Saturday 15th. CFA Saturday 15th. CFA
Saturday 15th.

Clear and cool. At home all day. Evening to see D. Greenleaf.

This was the first day that looked much like Summer and I enjoyed it although it was cold. When I remember the hot week of last year, this was a contrast. Busy at home in finishing a long law paper to be copied for my father and in writing over one sheet of my review of Tucker which did not satisfy me. I thought the portion I wrote was an improvement.


Read the remainder of Lessing’s fables and part of his dissertation upon fable. Also a part of Texier’s sketch of the Constitution of the ancient Roman republic.1 After dinner Lucan 8, 1–330, and working out upon my grounds. I felt very well all day which encouraged me much. Nothing in this world can be enjoyed without good health.

Evening called to see Daniel Greenleaf. My father accompanied me. Since last Summer Mr. G has lost his Wife and is now a lone person in the world, but he does not appear to mind it much. He showed me this evening the plan of the land called the three corner lot.


A. Adrien de Texier, Du Gouvernement de la république romaine, 3 vols., Hamburg, 1796.