Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday 9th. CFA Tuesday 9th. CFA
Tuesday 9th.

Showers. To town. Return to dinner. Afternoon at home, head ach.

Since I have come to Quincy this summer, my head has troubled me in an unusual degree, so much as somewhat to depress my spirits. I went to town in fair weather but it threatened showers in one of which I was caught in the Streets and another when returning home. Time taken up in paying and settling accounts and dropped in at Warrens’ where I bought a coin or two. Nothing new.

Buckingham publishes my second paper today upon Carolina having 262already published the first on Saturday. I drew back the third today for correction, but returned it before leaving town.

Afternoon a little of Tacitus, but the doubtful state of my head made me work very languidly. Evening at the Mansion for an hour.

Wednesday 10th. CFA Wednesday 10th. CFA
Wednesday 10th.

Warm. To Cambridge. Examination, home, head ach.

A very unusual thing with me my head ach continued through the night and troubled me all day though not sufficiently so to be positively disqualifying. Arose early and rode to Cambridge through Roxbury, Brookline and part of Brighton. I have never seen the country look more beautifully. The crops are all reaching maturity and these towns by their nearness to the market are becoming perfect gardens. Certainly the prosperity of this part of the country resting as it does so largely upon industry is wonderful.

Attended the examination of the last division of the Sophomore Class in Alcestis of Euripides and Electra of Sophocles. It was very indifferent. The young men were either of the lazy or the stupid and made but a poor figure. There was no other member of the Committee present, but they called in two supernumeraries, Mr. Dixwell the teacher of the Latin School, and Mr. McKean. The dinner afterwards was very stupid, and much smaller than usual. I recollected Dr. Frothingham’s remark how stupid they were, and how true it struck me upon this occasion.

Returned home through town. Finished the first volume of the Annals of Tacitus, and worked a little upon my ground. Evening at the Mansion but my head prevented me from taking much pleasure in it.

Thursday 11th. CFA Thursday 11th. CFA
Thursday 11th.

Fine day but showery. My father 72. To town. Dine at the Mansion. Evening also.

I went to town as I proposed to go to Cambridge again tomorrow. My time much taken up in business, but I made out to reach the Athenaeum and to call and see Warren who showed me a new coin or two and a collection of medals, some of which I should like much to have but he wishes to force them all down for the sake of a few. This is always the way in sales of coins, and a bad way it is.

Home. Dine at my father’s. His birth day, the seventy second year complete of a life of industry and honour. May it continue to be fruit-263ful of good works. There were present only the family, Mr. Campbell and Hull and Elizabeth.

Began the second book of the Annals of Tacitus. Ten Sections. Evening at the Mansion. Nothing new.