Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

290 Thursday 5th. CFA Thursday 5th. CFA
Thursday 5th.

At home all day. Occupation as usual. Evening at the Mansion.

This was a warm day with a damp Southerly wind but it cleared before night without rain. I was steadily occupied in writing and made some progress. This with a little of Menzel was all of my morning’s work.

After dinner, Tacitus history book 2. s 40 to 60. “The death of Otho” is perhaps the last specimen of the active principle of the Roman education in Republican days. He was too weak to live virtuously was yet noble enough to die resignedly. The removal from the scene of action was a weakness which shows that his temper was mild. It was the secret of his destruction. Evening at my father’s.

Friday 6th. CFA Friday 6th. CFA
Friday 6th.

Fine day but warm. To Boston. Afternoon company. Evening at the Mansion.

I went to town this morning and pretty steadily occupied at the Office, first in drawing up a Lease to John Winch one part of which I did and next in taking in the Account of T. B. Adams into a new draft. This with a moderate number of commissions passed my time.

Home. Afternoon devoted to Edward Brooks and his Wife and Mrs. Frothingham who came out to take tea. I accompanied the former on a visit to my father for a few minutes. Evening at the Mansion. Mr. and Mrs. DeWint, Mrs. T. B. Adams, Mrs. Angier and Elizabeth there. A little unwell from a head ach.

Saturday. 7th. CFA Saturday. 7th. CFA
Saturday. 7th.

Warm morning but change. At home. Bath. Evening at Mrs. T. B. Adams’.

I was pretty steadily occupied in writing upon my Lecture until noon. It goes on quite swimmingly but I doubt whether it will be very fit to deliver. The subject will not admit of that kind of ornament which takes every where but most especially in New York.

Just as I was relaxing by reading Menzel, my boys came in to beg me to go down to the bath with them at Mount Wollaston. I consented and we took a refreshing bath in the face of an East wind which changed the temperature of the air very quickly, and before night brought up a heavy fog from the Sea.

Read Tacitus history b. 2. s 60–80. and Grimm. Evening an hour at 291my father’s and another hour at Mrs. T. B. Adams’ where were the younger ladies of our family, to see Mrs. Angier. Miss Miller and her brother were there.