Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday 24th. CFA Tuesday 24th. CFA
Tuesday 24th.

Fine day. To town. Return to dinner. Evening at the Mansion.

It was a lovely day like all the days since Miss Hall’s visit who today returned to town with me, to our great regret, who have been pleased to have her with us.1

My time much occupied in town with visiting my house where all the workmen are in full operation, and with matters of business, so that I was a little later at home than usual. When I got there, I found our town usually so quiet, in a perfect turmoil with a general muster 299which was held in the Hancock Lot. As usual, worthless people of all kinds were upon the spot and made one or two rows, the first of which was too near my father’s house not to disturb the females. The day however passed off without much difficulty and before sunset the spot was clear.

Evening, we paid our usual visit to the Mansion. Nothing of material consequence. Finished the History of Tacitus.


Mary Brooks Hall, daughter of Peter C. Brooks’ sister, Mrs. Nathaniel Hall of Medford, had been a guest for four days or more. A special bond between Mary and ABA had been created by Mary’s assuming the household responsibilities at the Brooks home in Medford for a period after the death of Mrs. Brooks. See vols. 2:155; 3:123, 181; 5:122; and JQA, Diary, 20 Sept. 1839.

Wednesday 25th. CFA Wednesday 25th. CFA
Wednesday 25th.

Clear morning. At home. Visitors. Evening at the Mansion, where we dined.

The morning was lovely but it clouded before night in such a manner as to signify the last of the summer weather. I have enjoyed it much. Continued my labour in making copies which will now be soon at an end, so far as this collection is concerned. I also read some of Menzel which makes up the usual course of my mornings.

Dined at the house below, after which I read twenty sections of the Essay of Tacitus De Moribus Germanorum, a very curious relic of antiquity respecting a part of the world not much known at that date. Yet the seed of all the great nations of modern times. Tea and evening below. Thunder storm in the night.

Thursday 26th. CFA Thursday 26th. CFA
Thursday 26th.

Morning cloudy but cleared with high wind. At home. Evening at the Mansion.

I remained all the morning pretty constantly devoted to the business of copying which I brought very nearly to a conclusion as to the letters to Mrs. Cranch. On the whole the labour has not been so great as was anticipated. But it is only as the beginning of labour with me.

Read Menzel upon Philosophy who in this department is thoroughly German with the best of them. After dinner Tacitus de Moribus Germanorum, section 20 to 40. This was all my work as the evening takes largely of the hours formerly devoted to study. This is usually spent at the house below in not very useful conversation.