Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

338 Thursday 5th. CFA Thursday 5th. CFA
Thursday 5th.

Clear and beautiful day. Office. Division as usual. Evening at home.

My time at the Office is so little improved that I must set about some novel plan of occupation. The accounts from Washington are not very favorable to a plan of general organization. The disputed seats of the Jersey members remain still the great obstacle, aggravated by the refusal of the clerk to move one way or the other. Nothing further. Home to read Hecuba.

Afternoon, Bancroft. I can hardly yet make up my mind as to the merits of this work. I see unquestioned industry and some enthusiasm but no nice discrimination in moral questions, and some self conceit. I should rely upon his facts but distrust his philosophy and his inferences. Evening, Frank to the children, and Nicholas Nickleby to my Wife. After which, working upon my very interminable Lecture.

Friday 6th. CFA Friday 6th. CFA
Friday 6th.

Fine day. Office. Division as usual.

I pursue my affairs regularly enough, but the season of the year always affects my spirits a little and some circumstances of the time have a tendency to increase it.

The arrival of the Liverpool today is rather productive of encouragement as to business, but the country is in so unsettled a state as to give little reason for confidence in any thing.

Accounts and then home to Hecuba. After dinner, Bancroft. I commonly devote an hour of the evening to hearing my children’s lessons in reading. Frank and Nickleby.

Saturday. 7th. CFA Saturday. 7th. CFA
Saturday. 7th.

Cloudy. Office. Distribution as usual.

At the Office. The accounts from Washington are in the same strain with that of the preceding days. Deacon Spear was here with bills from Quincy most of which I paid. They are pretty heavy. Hecuba which I read a little too fast. I want a good edition. After dinner Bancroft, and in the evening, Nickleby and Frank and the Lecture. I begin to fear that this will not do. I cannot shorten it and there are passages which I fear must be dry.