Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

342 Saturday 14th. CFA Saturday 14th. CFA
Saturday 14th.

Day pleasant. Distribution as usual. Evening Mr. Brooks.

I was at the Office where I again attempted to finish my letter but was interrupted by Deacon Spear who came from Quincy and settled matters of accounts due. This with the reading of the Newspapers consumed my time. I suppose it is important to keep up with the times but it consumes a great deal of valuable time with little apparent result.

The accounts from Washington appear a little more favorable to a settlement today. But there is no knowing. Afternoon, reading a volume on Banking by Mr. Raguet of Philadelphia which Mr. Hunt has sent to me with a pamphlet by Mr. Sullivan.1 Evening, Mr. Brooks came in and passed a couple of hours, after which I went on with my Lecture.


Condy Raguet’s Treatise on Currency and Banking, Phila., 1839, is at MQA. Freeman Hunt’s letter of 9 Dec. is in Adams Papers.

Sunday. 15th. CFA Sunday. 15th. CFA
Sunday. 15th.

Cloudy with snow, rain and a very heavy gale. Exercises as usual. At home.

This was the first day of real winter and it brought with it all the worst accompaniments of the season. Snow, then heavy rain and finally the severest winds we have had for a great while.

I attended divine service all day notwithstanding and heard Dr. Frothingham preach from Acts 18. 17. “And Gallio cared for none of those things.” A sermon upon the tendency of the day to contentious disputations about trifles, I suppose having reference to the controversies now going on between many of the Unitarian clergy. In the afternoon a very brief discussion of the text in Ecclesiastes 1. 2. “Vanity of vanities all is vanity.”

The wind was so furious as to twist my umbrella in a moment, and to bring down signs so that it was hardly safe to walk in the Streets. Read a sermon in the English preacher from Titus 3. 1. “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers to obey magistrates.” A sensible and judicious discourse by a Mr. Osborne upon obedience to the laws and authority of Rulers. Went on with my Lecture. The Storm lulled for a time but recommenced at about eleven o’clock in such a manner that I feared to go to bed, thinking some of the windows might be blown in. I have not within my experience any knowledge of such a tornado.