Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday 22d. CFA Sunday 22d. CFA
Sunday 22d.

Cloudy and wind. The usual exercises. Evening to Mrs. S. C. Gray’s.

A very dark day for a short one making it still shorter. I had a brief lesson with my children, for I am now bringing my eldest boy John into train. Then attended divine service.

Heard Dr. Frothingham in the morning from Luke 2. 40. “And the child grew.” A sort of Christmas sermon which did not seize upon my attention as much as I wish. Afternoon, Mr. Ware from the same book 17. 21. “Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” Perhaps it would be a good plan to analyze the grounds for inattention to moral discourses. I cannot command myself at all. Read a sermon in the English preacher being the last of the fifth volume, and by a certain Dr. 346Mackewen from 2 Timothy 4. 7.8. “I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith,” &ca. too long to quote but indicative of a termination of a career of usefulness and piety. Took a good walk between services.

Evening Edmund Quincy came in and took tea. He is so curious that I do not care to have much intimacy with him. So many topics upon which we cannot venture to talk with him, and so few in which we can agree. He talked much about T. K. Davis from whose account of him I rather infer he is insane. We afterwards went over to see Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Gray. Several persons there who settled down to Mr. and Mrs. Pratt and F. Gray. Pleasant evening and then home to continue Lecture.

Monday 23rd. CFA Monday 23rd. CFA
Monday 23rd.

Clouds and light snow. Office as usual. Evening Lecture.

The weather was dull and gloomy all day. I occupied myself much as usual, in drawing up old Leases and so forth. There is some little news from Europe which does not however very much alter the state of the case in this country. We shall have hard times next year.

I went home and read eighty five lines of Oedipus. I am on the whole well satisfied with the review for it gives me a much more full conception of the force of the play. Afternoon, Pinkerton. I propose now to turn my attention to the MS again which I have remitted for so long.

Evening, Mr. Brigham called at my House and accompanied me to the Masonic Temple where was a middling collection of persons among whom I recognized but few acquaintances. I was favorably received, and delivered my Lecture as successfully as ever. I thought the readings were more effective than I had known them. This is the sixth time I have delivered it, always very successfully and yet with little apparent increase of audiences. Returned home before nine, and went on with my Lecture on credit.

Tuesday. 24th. CFA Tuesday. 24th. CFA
Tuesday. 24th.

Mild and cloudy. Office. Evening at Dr. Frothingham’s.

After my usual course of occupation in medals I went to the Office and spent my time in making up Arrears of Diary and finishing the drawing out of some Leases which I have had some time on my hands. The streets were wet and I did not walk. Home where I read the Oedipus . I find I can read about eighty lines in an hour so as fully to understand them.


Afternoon I began upon the work of the MS again but the time is so short as to make my progress not very rapid. I did not even get through a single letter. Read a little of Pinkerton who has some learning but a little Scotch captiousness.

Evening, went down to see Dr. and Mrs. Frothingham found there Mr. Brooks, and W. G. Brooks, and Mr. Foster. Pleasant conversation and then home. Continued the Lecture which is now drawing to a conclusion for the fourth time and is again much varied from what it was.