Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday 4th. CFA Tuesday 4th. CFA
Tuesday 4th.

Excessive cold. Usual division. Evening at home.

After the time spent in coins, I went to the Office and occupied myself in Diary and accounts.


I propose to give up my Politico-Economical Studies as dry things in which but a very limited number of the Community take an interest and go into more general literature. It is pretty plain to me that the present state of political affairs is such as to forbid me all hope of making any headway in that line. I am too squeamish for the very low standard of morals that is adopted on all sides at present. If circumstances should change, perhaps my principles might be useful.

Oedipus and studying Hazard, and Hallam, and Sharon Turner and The Planter’s Plea. Evening at home. Still groping about after a beginning.

Wednesday 5th. CFA Wednesday 5th. CFA
Wednesday 5th.

Very cold morning, but moderated. Division as usual. E. C. Adams.

These two last mornings are severe enough. I went to the Office as usual. An hour of coins and an hour of newspaper reading at the Insurance Office leaves but very little time for the Diary at the Office. Oedipus Coloneus which Schaeffer thinks the finest of all the plays of Sophocles. I balance between the other and Electra as well as this.

Elizabeth C. Adams came to our house today to spend some time. I studied the New York Review and sat down directly after tea so that I had a good long session before me and thus effected my entrance into the subject.

Thursday 6th. CFA Thursday 6th. CFA
Thursday 6th.

Weather moderating. Time as usual. Mrs. R. D. Tucker’s.

Nothing very material to stir up the attention. At the Office where I continue very slowly making up. News not material excepting the symptoms of a struggle in Pennsylvania against the overwhelming effect of their State debt. I received today a proof sheet from Mr. Hunt of my Lecture upon credit. It reads tolerably well. Afternoon after Oedipus, I make it my practice to read authorities and reflect upon the passages I dissect in the evening.

To R. D. Tucker’s with my Wife. A small party apparently to the Grattans. I found it rather dull. A supper also. Met there Mrs. J. W. Paige for the first time since she came from Europe. Her extravagance in the midst of her husband’s embarrassments makes much talk in private circles. Home early.