Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday 23d. CFA Sunday 23d. CFA
Sunday 23d.

Lovely day, but warm. Divine service and duties as usual. Evening to E. Brooks’.

A very uncommon day for this season of the year being very warm, so that I found a surtout oppressive. After my usual lesson with my 378children I attended divine service and heard Dr. Frothingham from Ezekiel 12. 27 “The vision that he seeth is for many days to come, and he prophesieth of the times that are far off.” Another sermon directed against the doctrines of the Millenium which are now pushed by Miller. The Dr. appeared anxious to press his points farther than he did on the preceding occasion and to discriminate between the sorts of prophecy which are to be found in the Bible, those relating to events then approaching and now long since passed, and those referring to a long distant period which are not likely to have any termination that it is in the power of man to define.

Afternoon a certain Mr. Bakewell from England who has come to this country with a view of settling. Sermon from John 19. 30.33. Too long to quote. But it related to miracles and went over the usual arguments upon the subject with clearness and force. His reading in the Scriptures and the Hymns was remarkably good. A rare excellence.

Walk with the children. Read another sermon in the English Preacher upon the example of Christ in continuation of last Sunday, and from the same text. Evening, my Wife and I went to Edward Brooks’ and spent the evening. Pleasant enough.

Monday 24th. CFA Monday 24th. CFA
Monday 24th.

Mild. Office. Division as usual. Evening at home.

After coins I went to the Office and finished up the rest of the work I had in arrears so that my further time is at leisure I hope for the remainder of the Quarter. Sent an account and advertised my property.

Home to read Antigone. Afternoon, Sharon Turner and Manuscripts. Evening, the Antiquities in the British Museum. On the whole we were very quiet today, and I was glad to get through so much work. Letter from Washington with favorable accounts.1


LCA to ABA, 20 Feb., Adams Papers.

Tuesday 25th. CFA Tuesday 25th. CFA
Tuesday 25th.

Cloudy and chilly. Division as usual. Evening at Mrs. Armstrong’s.

After coins I went to the Office. Nothing there very material, so I determined to go over to East Cambridge and get some deeds which I left six months ago to be recorded. The walk was pleasant enough, and I took the opportunity to look at the Depot of the Lowell Railroad which I never saw before. Found there a Mortgage deed which I had sent over many years ago to be cancelled which has never been executed by my father to this day.


Home in time to read Antigone. Afternoon MS and Sharon Turner.

Evening, a large party at Mr. Armstrong’s. Many old people and a greater number than I have before seen out this winter. Nothing particularly new. Home late.