Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

380 Friday 28th. CFA Friday 28th. CFA
Friday 28th.

Cloudy with slight rain. Distribution as usual. Evening Mr. Beale. Unwell.

After coins I went to the Office and there almost completed an answer to my mother. I then thought as I felt unwell I would take a walk round the South Cove and look at the condition of the lands. I had some conversation with Mr. Brooks about them who very kindly offered to me the use of any money if I was embarrassed, which I declined but wished to avail myself of his judgment in the location of the lots for my share at the division which is about to take place.

Home where I finished Antigone. Afternoon, the usual occupation. Writing and one chapter of Sharon Turner. Evening at home. Mr. G. W. Beale Jr. called in for a short time. For a day or two past I have felt a very singular pain or rather stiffness in my chest which has gone on increasing until this evening it was rather inconvenient. Went to bed early.

Saturday 29th. CFA Saturday 29th. CFA
Saturday 29th.

Fine day. Distribution as usual. Evening, T. B. Frothingham.

After my usual market visit I went to the Office and was occupied there as customary in Accounts and conference with Deacon Spear upon sundry matters. Nothing remarkable. To the Athenaeum to return a book, home rather late. Began the Trachinians of Sophocles. Nothing new.

My pain which in the morning was acutely distressing continued all day in such a way as to alarm me a little, so unused am I to be sick. Yet I pursued Sharon Turner and copying. Evening, T. B. Frothingham came up and we played whist. Bed early.