Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Tuesday. 6th. CFA Tuesday. 6th. CFA
Tuesday. 6th.

A very lovely day. Office. My Wife appears really a little better today. Nothing new. I was engaged in accounts. Home, Sophocles with which I make some progress but not so much as I ought. Afternoon coins. Evening, Mr. Brooks came in to tea after which I accompanied him down to his son Edward’s where there was a family party.

Conversation with Edward about his course in the Legislature, with the results of which he seems to have better cause to be satisfied than I had expected.1 He has at least the satisfaction of thinking he has done some good.

From thence I went at nine o’clock to a party at Miss Scollay’s 4where I had been invited and an acquaintance formed. A small number but not unpleasant. Returned by eleven rather fatigued.


Edward Brooks had been a leading figure in the legislature in preventing action by that body to minimize or annul statutory penalties against failed banks. JQA was among those who predicted that the legislature would take such action and further that CFA would approve of it. CFA, in reporting Brooks’ efforts, took somewhat heated exception to JQA’s assumption (JQA to CFA, 4 March; CFA to JQA, 12 March, LbC; both in Adams Papers).

Wednesday. 7th. CFA Wednesday. 7th. CFA
Wednesday. 7th.

Day cloudy with rain and snow. I went to the Office where I was taken up with accounts and methodizing my papers which need it excessively. I have occasionally thought of making a thorough reform, but my courage fails when I think of the mass of papers to be undertaken. I used to be a very strictly methodical man and believe I must become so again.

Wrote to W. B. Lewis,1 Second Auditor of the Treasury about T. B. Adams affairs and a note to Mr. Mead.2 Home. Sophocles. My Wife begins to encourage me by her appearance. In the afternoon coins. Evening, T. K. Davis took tea and spent an hour. After which I sat with my Wife, and the rest of the evening, continued the examination of Nedham.


LbC, Adams Papers.



Thursday 8th. CFA Thursday 8th. CFA
Thursday 8th.

Clouds and fog and snow. Abby continues better and is I hope now really on the mending hand. Office where I turned my attention to the pamphlets which have been multiplying on my table until it exceeds all proportion. Whether many of them are worth binding admits of question but as they are generally the gift of the author I keep them for that reason.

Home. Sophocles. Felt a little out of order today which reminds me that I have neglected exercise for some time. Afternoon, Coins in which I make less rapid progress as I get to the less legible ones.

Evening at home. Finished the examination of Nedham which terminates the Defence. There is a great deal of truth in it, and the only matter to regret is that the work had not been condensed and methodized.