Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 31st. CFA Thursday 31st. CFA
Thursday 31st.

I passed a very disturbed and heavy night but yet felt relieved from pain when called up at five to prepare to go in the boat for New York. The day was charming, but we found the steamer overloaded with passengers. In my opinion this forms much the worst part of the route from the overloading which perpetually takes place, and the consequent crowding and personal inconvenience. We found on board several Boston acquaintances with whom we had passing conversation until we reached New York which happened uncommonly early.

I immediately transferred myself and family and baggage to the Steamer for Providence which lies at the next wharf, after which we drove to the Astor house for the purpose of seeing Sidney Brooks and his Wife and dining there. The latter part of it only we accomplished, 56as Sidney had left for Boston last week. I spent part of the time in a walk after toys and the remainder in a very luxurious dinner, upon rising from which it became time to return to the boat.

The same Steamer that brought us from Stonington, the Providence was now bound for Providence and I was glad to perceive had no great number of passengers. The evening was delightful and we had a very favourable sun until the close of daylight reminded me of the fatigue I had endured, and that my eye which still suffered from the inconvience of yesterday needed rest.