Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Wednesday 6th. CFA Wednesday 6th. CFA
Wednesday 6th.

Morning pleasant with flying clouds. I went to the Office and from thence walking to accomplish commissions. Met Kirk who had come in with one of the horses and expected me to go out so that I might 59return with the other. Accordingly I started in my new Conveyance which I liked very well, and reached the house about eleven.

Every thing looked very much improved from what it was when I started and yet I could not help feeling how rough it all was and how much attention it would require before I could make any thing comely out of it. I was led into a more extensive undertaking than I have either disposition or means to keep up. My grounds are yet but poorly clothed with green and that at a time when the country has it’s richest coat.

After giving such directions as I could, I returned home, just in time for dinner. Afternoon at home quietly reading of the Hindoos. Unable to assume more active or useful work from the proximity of my removal. Evening writing Diary, which I brought up.

Thursday 7th. CFA Thursday 7th. CFA
Thursday 7th.

Fine day. I was occupied much of my morning in various duties appertaining to the great object of removal to Quincy and in a few connected with the Tenants. Then to the Office where I tried to put some order in my papers. Called to see Davis for a few moments and exchange a word upon politics. There is little now of interest since the rumors of cabinet changes have died away, and nothing happens but a brawl or two in the House. Davis is still talking with others about his project of contributing to a press but as I suspect with very little prospect of success. Thus went the morning.

Home. My Wife had to dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham, and Sidney and Mrs. Brooks. Pleasant enough, excepting that it is so long since I have had any company it appears new. They spent the afternoon and took tea. T. K. Davis dropped in to tell me that he considered his project a failure. He had seen the men and was satisfied.

Friday 8th. CFA Friday 8th. CFA
Friday 8th.

Warm but pleasant day. My morning was passed in the usual way. A great variety of little things very tedious to me to execute but absolutely essential. My exercise has been pretty well kept up since my return and it may have been fortunate for me that it was so, inasmuch as my spirits might otherwise have flagged.

At the Office engaged in Accounts, then home early to dine. Immediately afterwards, I started for Quincy. Found progress making slowly. A new house requires so much thought, and care and attention. And 60strange to say, I have ceased to feel the interest I did in it. At present it weighs as a burden.

Home before sunset and then to a small party at Mr. B. Gorham’s given to Commodore and Mrs. Hull.1 Only members of his and her family, pleasant enough. Home very tired.


On Como. Isaac Hull, see vol. 4:76.