Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Sunday 10th. CFA Sunday 10th. CFA
Sunday 10th.

This was a specimen of Summer heat; there not having been last year any day when the Thermometer rose higher. I spent some time in the work of making a catalogue of coins and then attended divine service and heard Mr. Stetson of Medford preach from John 4. 29. “Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did”: the revealing of religion through the Saviour by discovery of self. Perhaps I do not express the thought strongly, for there is a thought in it. The awakening of the moral sense to a state of things until then unknown. Mr. Stetson is not a pleasing preacher but has talent.1 Afternoon. James 4. 7. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Upon the performance of duty as a guard against sin. Mr. Stetson is not interesting and yet he thinks, so that after all mere thought is not sufficient to make an attractive speaker.


Sermon of Buckminster’s Luke 18. 10 “Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a pharisee and the other a publican.” Humility as exemplified in the text and parable connected with it. A very good discourse. Evening, we walked up and down the mall with T. K. Davis to witness the resort of people. Quite a lively scene. Home—heat intense.


Earlier comments on Rev. Caleb Stetson are in vol. 3:76, 117.

Monday 11th. CFA Monday 11th. CFA
Monday 11th.

The heat very great. I went down to see how the work in Tremont Street went on, and from thence upon various commissions as usual most of which I finished. Then to the Office resuming the labour upon my Accounts but without entire success. Thus went the time until my return to dinner. Afterwards, I went to Quincy.

Found my house so much cooler than it was in town that I deeply regretted not having got it ready. They were busy in various matters appertaining to preparation. I arranged books and gave directions. But my spirits keep falling as I approach the end of my undertaking very singularly, not that I wish it continued for I have had care enough, but that I see no very immediate termination to it. Went to Mrs. Adams’ to tea and returning brought Elizabeth with me. Found Gardiner Gorham who made a short visit.

Tuesday 12th. CFA Tuesday 12th. CFA
Tuesday 12th.

A continuation of this heat which is believed to be almost without example at this season of the year. I went to the Office and spent time in Accounts much as usual. Mr. Beebe called with a view to settlement of his affair, but the papers were not drawn, so it was postponed until tomorrow. As usual many different commissions, home early with the design of taking my Wife to Medford, and my boy John to dine with Mr. Brooks.

Found the family as usual but with the addition of Gorham and Ellen to dine. All pleasant enough but the heat. After dinner, we went up to see the improved residence of the latter and were there caught in a shower which detained us until sunset. Gorham has fitted up an old house comfortably and will probably enjoy it for the good reason that he is not afraid of it. Perhaps the anxiety for a new house is the worst part of it. Home late. Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham came in and spent an hour pleasantly. But I was dull.