Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

Thursday 14th. CFA Thursday 14th. CFA
Thursday 14th.

The light of the sun roused me at an unwonted hour and I could not help opening the window to see the scene. There is a charm, a freshness about the Country which no town life can ever entirely replace. At least this is the feeling to me who have always lived in open scenes.

This which I have chosen for my own home repays me at every look for the quantity of labour which it has cost me. I could hardly enjoy it enough today although I spent much of my time in doing so. But I had the two children to take care of and this was no small trouble. The heat was as great as ever until noon when the wind came to the eastward, and we had a succession of storms of rain, thunder and lightning which produced a sublime effect here where they are so visible, not unmingled with awe.

My Wife and the rest of the family came out towards evening and thus completed the removal of this year. But we were of course in some confusion and I was fairly fatigued out so as to be very glad to get to bed pretty early.

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