Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

69 Tuesday 26th. CFA Tuesday 26th. CFA
Tuesday 26th.

The day was remarkably fine and clear. I was up early and started to Boston in the carriage with the view of returning with Mrs. Frothingham who with two of her children is to pay us a visit. My time was taken up in Accounts, and in various little commissions appertaining to my affairs and those of others. At one o’clock I returned and we all got home safe before half past two.

Afternoon, reading Pliny and afterwards examining Grahame. I do this in a very verveless manner, hardly prognosticating much result. My ambition certainly cannot be a very strong passion when it takes such frequent naps. Evening quietly at home. The news from Congress is of an adjournment on the 9th of July whence we may expect some of the family before long.

Wednesday 27th. CFA Wednesday 27th. CFA
Wednesday 27th.

I was up this morning to see the sun rise, a very beautiful sight from this spot as a sublime one indeed from any. The sky was clear but a vapour in the east made the luminary appear in a blaze of red light. With the exception of a brief walk to the Bank and Post Office I was occupied all the morning in collating the copies of the small diaries with the originals. It is much to be regretted that these are not more complete because they relate to times of interest and are unique in their way.

I. Hull Adams called to let me know of his appointment to the survey of a Railroad in Maryland and he leaves on Friday. I talked with him about the execution of the trust of his brother’s will which I am now anxious to hasten. But the settlement lags at Washington.

Afternoon Pliny. I walked to Mount Wollaston, a beautiful spot as ever but the orchard from the failure of most of the trees looked dreary to me. Home by the new road which will shorten the way somewhat when done. In the evening quiet. Read Grahame.

Thursday 28th. CFA Thursday 28th. CFA
Thursday 28th.

Cloudy with showers which continued with increasing force until sunset. I remained at home and occupied myself in copying a portion of the Fragmentary Journal which appears to have been omitted in the former experiment. The hand writing is so close that I make no very rapid way with even so small leaves. There is not much however of the omitted portion. An entry of the 26 February 1770 four or five days 70before the massacre giving an Account of the funeral of the child killed by Richardson,1 but none on the day. Wrote a letter to Mr. Johnson,2 and in the afternoon read Pliny and Grahame. Thus passed a day very quietly, more remarkable for the amount of my own occupation, than for incident.


What CFA calls the “fragmentary journal” must be “Paper book No. 15”; see JA, Diary and Autobiography , 1:338; the copy which CFA undertook to make of the entries in the paper book is missing. For the entry of 26 Feb. 1770, see same, 1:349–350.


To T. B. Johnson, 27 June, LbC, Adams Papers.