Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 8

71 Sunday. July 1st. CFA Sunday. July 1st. CFA
Sunday. July 1st.

A cloudy foggy day with much vapour rising from the sea. I passed much time in copying and finished one of the omitted paper books,1 then attended divine Service and heard Mr. Whitney preach from Psalms. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” He was not interesting. Afternoon, Mr. Lunt Ephesians 3. 17. “That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith.” The meaning of the indwelling of Christ and the force of faith. This was a discourse I had heard before.

Read a sermon of Buckminster’s upon the occasion of a thanksgiving, Deuteronomy 33. 29. “Happy are thou, O, Israel; who is like unto thee.” An enumeration of our advantages as a people, and our duties growing out of them. We had afterwards sundry visitors—Mr. and Mrs. D. Greenleaf, and Mr. Price Greenleaf, Joseph H. and Elizabeth C. Adams, they all left us by eight o’clock and then a quiet evening.


For an account of the manuscript scraps and fragments from which JA’s Diary has had to be constructed, see JA, Diary and Autobiography , 1:xli–xlii. CFA’s word “omitted” may mean omitted from the booklet which in the preceding entry he called “the little Fragment of a Diary.” Doubtless, these are some of the “paper books” he numbered serially 1–31.

Monday 2d. CFA Monday 2d. CFA
Monday 2d.

Foggy morning with a heavy shower but it afterwards cleared and became very warm. I accompanied Mrs. Frothingham into town who terminated her visit with us today. My own time taken up as it always is in a variety of little commissions and in the transaction of money affairs, then to the House to procure some things which I wanted and from thence I returned home in the carriage, rather earlier than usual.

Afternoon reading Pliny. Letters about his Uncle’s death interesting but Pliny as a letter writer does not gain on you as you advance. He has much which commands your respect, but is artificial to a degree which makes you cease to like him. Continued Grahame. In the evening, for the first time it was pleasant outside the house. Letters from Washington announcing the speedy return of the family.1


Letters of 26th and 29th June from LCA (Adams Papers) forecast their arrival in Quincy on 11 July, or earlier. However, a later note from her (8 July, Adams Papers) made the date of their arrival problematical owing to JQA’s exhausted state as the Congress moved to adjournment.

Tuesday. 3d. CFA Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

Morning, a promise of a very hot day which it was. I accompanied the children to school, and from thence to Mrs. Adams’ for the pur-72pose of settling the quarterly accounts with her and Elizabeth as usual. This took up an hour after which I returned and devoted the remainder of the time until dinner to my copying process, which goes on slowly notwithstanding. I wish to fill up this lacuna or I would not undertake so much of this drudgery.

Afternoon rode to Squantum to attend the annual meeting of the Proprietors of Neponset Bridge. Present, the usual company with the addition of Mr. J. H. Foster, and the exception of Mr. Whitney. I sat between Dr. Frothingham and Mr. Foster. The day was very lovely and Squantum appeared to great advantage. The dinner was much as usual and I returned at six very well pleased with my day.

Evening for the first time warm enough to sit upon the Portico in front of the House. The scene has been remarkably lovely today. Indeed as much like enchantment as possible. As I look upon it, I can describe to no one my feelings nor ask sympathy, for the effect is upon my whole mind, lighting it with sunny rays.