Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 2

458 Tuesday October 14th. JQA Tuesday October 14th. Adams, John Quincy
Tuesday October 14th.

My occupations have been very regular, and similar for a week past. Last Thursday night I again experienced a total want of sleep. By the help however of medecine and of constant exercice I think I am in a way to recover. This evening, my1


This entry, incomplete at the bottom of the page, is the last in D/JQA/12 until 6 Sept. 1789. In JQA's line-a-day entry, he adds: “Charles and Tom. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw” (D/JQA/13, Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 16).

15. JQA 15. Adams, John Quincy

Company to dine. Mr. B. &c.

16. JQA 16. Adams, John Quincy

Dr. Tufts &c. Mr. Shaw went to Hghm.

17. JQA 17. Adams, John Quincy

Fine weather. Gunning with Tom. Townsend.

18. JQA 18. Adams, John Quincy

Madam and Tom went to Boston. Violent Thunder.

19. JQA 19. Adams, John Quincy

Meeting to hear Mr. Wibird. W. Cranch. Andrews.

20. JQA 20. Adams, John Quincy

Cranch went to Boston. Rain.

21. JQA 21. Adams, John Quincy

Variable weather. Gibbon's history.

22. JQA 22. Adams, John Quincy

Rode my horse. Andrews went towards Nby Pt.

23. JQA 23. Adams, John Quincy

Mr. Russell's and returned at Night.