Adams Family Correspondence, volume 11

Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams, 24 July 1796 Johnson, Louisa Catherine Adams, John Quincy
Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams
London July 24th 1796

How shall I express my impatient anxiety at not hearing from you, five tedious weeks have elapsed without a line to say you are well or that I still retain a place in your remembrance— I learn continually the arrival of the Mails, consiquently am alarmed at your silence— Absence I have often heard is dangerous, were I to judge solely from 338 my own feelings I should say that little was to be feared, conscious that it strengthens rather than weakens real affection. Alas at this moment I feel an aching void which only a letter from you can remove— You have frequently endeavoured to teach me fortitude, I knew not then how much I should need it and find though I listened to the Teacher I lost the lessons— Would you were here now I think I should be more attentive, yet I sincerely hope never to see you again with a probability of parting I could now say much but must suppress my thoughts—

Pray let me hear from you as often as possible, in the interim and during life Believe me / Yours Affectionately

Louisa Catherine Johnson

RC (Adams Papers).