Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 3d.

Tuesday. 5th.

364 Monday. 4th. CFA Monday. 4th. CFA
Monday. 4th.

The weather threatens daily to be bad but it clears off. I went to the Office. Concerned most of my time in money affairs. Received a notice from the Merchant’s Bank respecting an increase of Capital and therefore went round making a sufficient collection of Dividends to meet it. The thing was not well finished before two o’clock so that I was abridged of Livy. I felt moreover in that painful state which portends with me a sick head ach and I only averted it by starvation.

Afternoon, feeling languid and indolent, I did nothing but finish the passages in Japhet I had omitted and Swift’s Journal to Stella. Evening, Party at Misses Inches—Not pleasant to me because I felt so poorly and though ravenously hungry at Supper, the things did not seem to benefit me. Home at eleven quite weary.