Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 15th.

Tuesday. 17th.

Monday. 16th. CFA Monday. 16th. CFA
Monday. 16th.

Warmer day, I was busy in getting up things to go to Quincy. The time has at last come when I must pay regular visits there to oversee the improvement of the garden. I did not reach there until nearly eleven, and passed an hour in talking with the man whom Mr. Spear had engaged. He promises fairly and will I hope be in a way to give us a better garden than we have been heretofore in the habit of having. Returned to town to dinner. The Country did not look as much advanced as usual and it seemed burnt up, for so early in the season.

Afternoon quietly at home, Sismondi, Ariosto, and Forster who is tiresome with his dissertations. Evening at home, until late. I tried to write to my father but was not satisfied with the attempt. Then to Mrs. Frothingham’s where were assembled a few of the family—Gorham Brooks and his Wife, W. G. Brooks his Wife and her sister. Return home, Swift.