Papers of John Adams, volume 6

To William Heath

Benjamin Franklin and John Adams to Ferdinand Grand

To William MacCreery, 10 July 1778 JA MacCreery, William To William MacCreery, 10 July 1778 Adams, John MacCreery, William
To William MacCreery

Passy, 10 July 1778. printed: JA, Diary and Autobiography , 4:155–156. Adams discussed British reports of the evacuation of Philadelphia, congratulated MacCreery on the arrival of a ship in which he had an interest, and advised MacCreery that his description of the actions of Lafayette at Barren Hill would probably appear in Affaires de l'Angleterre et de l'Amérique. Finally, the departure of the Brest fleet was noted together with the hope that a decisive naval battle would soon take place.

printed: (JA, Diary and Autobiography , 4:155–156).