Legal Papers of John Adams, volume 2

Oliver Whipple's Minutes of the Argument

Defense Counsel's Notes


3 Bernard Papers 76, MH; Lynde, Diary 195 (17 April 1770). The following tentative chronology is based on (1) 3 Bernard Papers 76; (2) Lynde, Diary ; (3) Paine Diary; (4) the Minute Books for this and the Charlestown terms:

13 March (Tuesday), Court convenes; indictment sometime during that week.

19 March (Monday), Richardson arraigned.

23 March (Friday), Richardson requests counsel.

27 March (Tuesday), “Attorney General to Ipswich Court; so we on civil actions all the week.” Lynde, Diary 194.

2–7 April (Monday-Saturday), civil and routine criminal cases.

10 April (Tuesday), Charlestown term commenced.

13 April (Friday), Charlestown term adjourned.

17 April (Tuesday), second postponement.

20 April (Friday), trial.

21 April (Saturday), verdict; court adjourned to 29 May.

29 May (Tuesday), court adjourned to 31 May.

31 May (Thursday), court meets, adjourned to 6 September.

6 September (Thursday), motion for new trial and jury examined.

7 September (Friday), motion argued.