Papers of John Adams, volume 8

From Pierre Landais

From Nicolas Maurice Gellée


Lt. Col. Archibald Campbell captured Savannah on 29 Dec. 1778 with little trouble. His detailed report on the victory was dated 16 Jan. and printed in the London Chronicle of 23–25 Feb. In the Chronicle, 25–27 Feb., two items referred to reinforcements for Georgia, one reporting that Campbell had requested additional troops, “the provincials being found stronger than they imagined them.” Such reports were only rumors, for no reference to such a request appears in Campbell's report of 16 Jan. or in later ones, and, considering the ease of his victory and the reported willingness of the populace to flock to the British flag, reinforcements were unnecessary. Campbell's troops were joined to the force under Gen. Augustine Prevost that marched from St. Petersburg, but Clinton sent no additional troops from New York (Ward, War of the Revolution , 2:679–681).