Diary of John Adams, volume 3

[Wednesday August 21. 1776.] JA [Wednesday August 21. 1776.] Adams, John
Wednesday August 21. 1776.

Wednesday August 21. 1776. A Petition from Prudehome La Junesse was read and referred to the Board of War.

The Committee to whom part of the Report from the Committee on Spies was recommitted, having brought in a report, the same was taken into Consideration where-upon

Resolved, That all Persons, not Members of, nor owing Allegiance to any of the United States of America, as described in a Resolution of Congress of the 24th. of June last, who shall be found lurking as Spies, in or about the fortifications or Encampments of the Armies of the United States, or of any of them, shall suffer death, according 412to the Law and Usage of Nations by Sentence of a Court Marshall, or such other punishment as a Court martial shall direct.

Ordered that the Above resolution be printed at the End of the Rules and Articles of War.

The Board of War brought in a report, which was taken into Consideration whereupon resolved as in the Journal.1

Resolved that the Letter from General Washington read Yesterday, and that of the 12th, with the Papers inclosed, be referred to the Board of War.

Resolved that a Committee of three be appointed to revise the Resolutions of Congress, respecting the place where Prizes are to be carried into, and to bring in such farther resolutions as to them shall seem proper: the Members chosen Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Morris and Mr. J. Adams.2


JCC , 5:693–694. These resolves concerned the casting of cannon, the retention of Gen. Ward in command of the eastern department, &c.


The report of this committee has not been found.

[Thursday August 22. 1776.] JA [Thursday August 22. 1776.] Adams, John
Thursday August 22. 1776.

Thursday August 22. 1776. Letters from Generals Washington and Schuyler with Papers inclosed, referred to the Board of War.

The Board of War brought in a Report, which was read: ordered to lie on the Table.

The Committee to whom the Letter from General Washington of the 18th was referred, brought in a report which was read: ordered to lie on the Table.

A Committee of the whole on the Form of a Treaty: Mr. Nelson in the Chair.

A Letter from Brigadier General Lewis: also a letter from the Committee of Carlisle, in Pennsylvania, inclosing a memorial from the Officers Prisoners there, were read and referred to the Board of War.

[Fryday August 23. 1776.] JA [Fryday August 23. 1776.] Adams, John
Fryday August 23. 1776.

Fryday August 23. 1776. A Letter of the 21. from General Washington inclosing a Copy of a Letter from him to Lord Howe, together with his Lordships Answer was read:

Resolved That the same be referred to the Board of War, with orders to publish the General's Letter to Lord Howe, and his Lordships Answer.

[Monday August 26. 1776.] JA [Monday August 26. 1776.] Adams, John
Monday August 26. 1776.

Monday August 26. 1776. Three Letters of the 22 and 23 from General Washington with sundry Papers inclosed; a Letter from William Finnie, deputy Quarter Master general of the southern department, were read, and referred to the Board of War.


A Letter of the 22d. from Colonel James Wilson, was read, and referred to Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Franklin and Mr. John Adams.1


See the following entry (27 Aug.) and note 3 2 , below.