Diary of John Quincy Adams, volume 1

146 11th. Wednesday. JQA 11th. Wednesday. Adams, John Quincy
11th. Wednesday.

This forenoon I went with Mr. D. to see Mr. Normandes. Several persons dined here. After dinner Mr. D. went and took a ride. Took a walk upon the quay after supper.

12th. Thursday. JQA 12th. Thursday. Adams, John Quincy
12th. Thursday.

This day I din'd with Mr. D and Mr. Artaud at Mr. Rimbert's. Borrow'd of Mr. Peyron two volumes of Piron's works.1 In the evening Mr. Artaud went to the Clubb. Mr. D went and took a ride in the afternoon. Took a walk upon the quay after supper. Pretty good weather all day. Mr. D receiv'd a letter from Holland.


Alexis Piron, French playwright and poet, whose nine-volume Oeuvres complettes . . . was published in Paris in 1776 (Hoefer, Nouv. biog. générale ). JQA acquired early a two-volume set of his Oeuvres choisies, Geneva, 1777 ( Catalogue of JQA's Books ).

13th. Friday. JQA 13th. Friday. Adams, John Quincy
13th. Friday.

This forenoon I went to Mr. Normandes's. In the afternoon Mr. D. went and took a ride. In the evening Mr. Hoogwerst came here.

14th. Saturday. JQA 14th. Saturday. Adams, John Quincy
14th. Saturday.

Stay'd at home all day. In the forenoon Mr. Wolff came to see Mr. D. In the afternoon Mr. D. went out and took a ride. Cloudy Weather.

15th. Sunday. JQA 15th. Sunday. Adams, John Quincy
15th. Sunday.

This forenoon the young gentlemen from Mr. Rimbert's came here. Din'd at Mr. Rimberts. After dinner we went and took a tour into the country. Pass'd the evening and supp'd at Mr. Rimberts. Cloudy Weather.

16th. JQA 16th. Adams, John Quincy

Spent the evening and supp'd at Mr. Rimbert's. Rainy weather all day. Mr. Artaud dined out.