Papers of John Adams, volume 10

To Hendrik Bicker, 6 November 1780 JA Hendrik, Bicker To Hendrik Bicker, 6 November 1780 Adams, John Hendrik, Bicker
To Hendrik Bicker
Sir Amsterdam Novr. 6. 1780

Mr. Blomberg is so ill, that he cannot Speak, upon Business,1 which obliges me, to beg the Favour of your Advise, whether I ought to give more than according to the following Plan.

A Interest 5 Pr. Cent Pr. Annum for 10 years.
To the House for negotiating the Capital 1 Pr. Cent.
To the Undertakers to furnish the Capital 1 Pr. Cent
Brokerage ½ Pr. Cent.
And for the Yearly paying off of 10 Pr Cent.
To the House, of the Loan 1 Pr. Cent
B } To the Undertakers 1 Pr. Cent
C Brokerage ¼ Pr. Cent

I had the Pleasure of half an Hours Conversation with Mr. Bowens, who desired me to consult with M. Blomberg and Send him my Conditions.

A Gentleman of great Worth and Skill, advised me, not to give more than four Per Cent Interest. America, is willing, however, to give a 327 image just Interest, and all other reasonable Terms but She would not, like a young Spendthrift Heir, give any Thing, to get Money.

I am Sorry to give you, So much Trouble, amidst the Sickness in your Family. But the Sickness of Several Persons, upon whom I depended, obliges me to do it, and to request your answer as Soon as convenient. With great Respect, your humble Servant

John Adams

RC (Adams Papers).


This letter resulted from JA's visit earlier in the day to Hendrik van Blomberg, who had been acting as his broker in obtaining an agent, Daniël Jan Bouwens, to undertake an American loan. Van Blomberg's illness made it imperative that JA consult with Bicker. For JA's correspondence with van Blomberg that led to a meeting with Bouwens on the afternoon of 4 Nov., and the subsequent formulation of the plan contained in this letter, see JA's brief letter of 3 Nov. to van Blomberg (LbC, Adams Papers), and van Blomberg's equally brief reply of the 4th (Adams Papers). For the plan as altered by Bicker's advice in his letter of 7 Nov., see JA's letter to Bouwens, also of the 7th (both below).

To Daniël Jan Bouwens, 7 November 1780 JA Bouwens, Daniël Jan To Daniël Jan Bouwens, 7 November 1780 Adams, John Bouwens, Daniël Jan
To Daniël Jan Bouwens
Sir Amsterdam Novr. 7th 1780

I waited on Mr. Blomberg yesterday, but found him to ill to speak upon Business: I must therefore request You to recommend to me another Broker for the present, one who speaks French or English if possible. I dont mean to quit Mr. Blomberg, whom I esteem very much, but I suppose it will not be amiss to have two. Messrs. Mortier and Merckemaer have been mentioned to me.

Mean time I will venture to propose to Mr. Bouwens' 1 Consideration the following Plan.

Interest 5 Per Cent pr. Annum for ten Years.
To the House for negotiating the Capital} 1. Per Cent.
To the Undertakers to furnish the Capital} 1. Per Cent.
Brokerage ½ Per Cent.
For the Yearly paying off of 10 per Cent.
To the House of the Loan 1. Per Cent.
To the same for paying off the annual Interest} 1. per Cent of the Interest.

I should be glad of your Sentiments, as soon as may be convenient. I am with great Respect, Sir, your very humble Servant

John Adams

RC in John Thaxter's hand (Adams Papers); endorsed: “My Letter to Mr. Bowens.”; and “Novr. 10. 1780 returned to me, on the 10th. of November at one O Clock by Mr. Bowens's Book keeper, with an Answer that he had made Some Enquiries, and could not see any hopes of Success, and therefore declined the Trust.”; notation in an unknown hand: “Christian Tenkate Mrs. Van Vlooten.” Those two names were the recommendations of either Bouwens or his bookkeeper to act as JA's broker in place of van Blomberg and appear on a slip of paper accompanying this letter in the Adams Papers. Immediately upon the return of this letter on 10 Nov., JA wrote to Bicker (Adams Papers), informing him of Bouwens' decision and asking his opinion of Ten Kate and van Vlooten. Bicker replied on the 11th (below).


The name was cut out of the letter. The proposal contained in this letter stemmed from the advice given by Hendrik Bicker in his letter of 7 Nov. (below), which JA had received earlier in the day.