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12 July 1796 Adams, John Yesterday mow'd all the Grass on Stony field Hill. To day ploughing for Hilling among the ... 13 July 1796 Adams, John My new Barn is to be raised this Afternoon, a Rod or two from my Fathers which he built when ... 14 July 1796 Adams, John The Wind N.W. after a fine rain. A firing of Cannon this morning in the Harbour. I arose by ... 15 July 1796 Adams, John A very heavy Shower of Rain. Thunder in the morning. Billings still unable to work—goes over ... 16 July 1796 Adams, John Paid off Puffer, for Eleven Days Works at a Dollar a Day. Trask and Stetson at work in the ... 17 July 1796 Adams, John Warm but clear. Billings at home but running down Cellar for Cyder. ... 18 July 1796 Adams, John Billings is at hoe. The Kitchen Folk say he is steady. A terrible drunken distracted Week he ... 19 July 1796 Adams, John A plentifull Shower of Rain with Thunder and Lightning this Morning. Took a Tea spoonful of ... 20 July 1796 Adams, John Rode to the Swamp, at the Top of Penns hill. Trask is mowing the Bushes, cutting the Trees, ... 21 July 1796 Adams, John Sullivan Lathrop and Bass carting earth into the Yard from the Ground which is to be thrown ... 22 July 1796 Adams, John Billings sober and steady, persevering in his declaration that he will not drink, these 12 ... 23 July 1796 Adams, John Rode down to the Barley and Black grass at the Beach. The Barley is better than I hoped. The ... 24 July 1796 Adams, John We are to have for a Preacher a Mr. Whitcomb. ... 25 July 1796 Adams, John Dull Weather but no Rain. The Lathrops with the Team are going to the Swamp on Penns Hill ... 26 July 1796 Adams, John Cloudy and begins to rain, the Wind at N.E. The Men gone up the Hill to rake the Barley. ... 27 July 1796 Adams, John Billings and Sullivan making and liming an heap of Manure. They compounded it, of Earth ... 28 July 1796 Adams, John Billings and Sullivan are gone to the Beech for a Load of Seaweed to put into their Hill of ... 29 July 1796 Adams, John Hot after Thunder, Lightening and an Hours Rain. The two Lathrops threshing. Billing and ... 30 July 1796 Adams, John All hands carting Earth and making Compost, i.e. 4 hands Billings, Bass and the two Lathrops.... 31 July 1796 Adams, John A fine N.W. Wind, pure Air, clear Sky, and bright Sun. Reading the second Volume of ...


1 August 1796 Adams, John Hands all gone to finish our Equinoctial Line of Wall as Billings calls it.—Hot, sultry, ... 2 August 1796 Adams, John Wrote to Mr. Sullivan by Dr. Tufts an Answer to his Inquiries concerning Mitchels Map and St.... 3 August 1796 Adams, John Brisler is going to Squantum and Long Island, for my Twin Oxen who are reprieved for a Year. ... 4 August 1796 Adams, John Of all the Summers of my Life, this has been the freest from Care, Anxiety and Vexation to ... 5 August 1796 Adams, John A fine day. I have finished Petrarch. Walked up to the new Barn and over to the old Plain. ... 6 August 1796 Adams, John Billings and Bass off by Day for Seaweed. Twin oxen sent to be shod. ... 7 August 1796 Adams, John I am reading a Work of Cicero that I remember not to have read before. It is intituled M. ... 8 August 1796 Adams, John Billing and Bass gone to mowing Salt Grass at the Beach Meadow. T. Lothrop unloading the Sea ... 9 August 1796 Adams, John 4 hands mowing Salt Grass. Finished the Beach Meadow. Trask mowing Bushes to make room for ... 10 August 1796 Adams, John Billing and Bass collecting Compost. Brought up two Loads of Seaweed and carted several ... 11 August 1796 Adams, John Mr. Howell lodged with Us and spent the whole Morning in Conversation concerning the Affairs ... 12 August 1796 Adams, John Billing, Bass and Sullivan carting Salt Hay from the Beech Marsh. Tirell and Th. Lothrop ... 13 August 1796 Adams, John Three Load of Salt Hay Yesterday from the Beach Marsh. Got in 51 Bushells of Barley winnowed ... 14 August 1796 Adams, John The Weather hot and dry. ... 15 August 1796 Adams, John My Team met the Abington Team at the Bars, and plough'd the Baulk between Burrells Corn and ... 16 August 1796 Adams, John Mr. Reed and Mr. Gurney with Billings ploughing below the lower Garden with 9 Cattle, and ... 17 August 1796 Adams, John Seven Yoke of Oxen and a Horse, Mr. Reed, Mr. Gurney, Mr. Billings, Mr. Brisler, Sullivan ... 18 August 1796 Adams, John Ten Yoke of Oxen and ten Men ploughing in the Meadow below my House. ... 19 August 1796 Adams, John Ten Yoke of Oxen and twelve hands ploughing in the meadow. It is astonishing that such a ... 20 August 1796 Adams, John Bracket and Vinton left me. We procured Captn. Baxters Oxen and William Field Junr. and went ... 21 August 1796 Adams, John The hottest day. Unwell. ... 22 August 1796 Adams, John Mr. Otis and Family went to Boston. Mr. C. Storer and Mr. Storrow breakfasted. ... 23 August 1796 Adams, John All hands and Tirrell, upon the Wall—carting Stones and Earth &c. Went down to Mr. Quincys ... 24 August 1796 Adams, John Billings, Bass and the Lothrops upon the Wall. The blacks going to pick Apples. I took ... 25 August 1796 Adams, John Billings, Bass and the two Lothrops all this Week upon the Wall over the Way. They make ... 26 August 1796 Adams, John Cloudy. Wind. N.E. but not rainy. The shower last night has refreshed Us. The Corn, the ... 27 August 1796 Adams, John Sullivan carting Seaweed, spread one Load among the red Loam in the Cavity in the Yard. ... 28 August 1796 Adams, John Hot. Went not out. Mr. Strong preached. Reading Bryants Analysis of ancient Mythology. ... 29 August 1796 Adams, John Warm. Billings, Bass and two Sullivans with James on the Wall. Carted 9 or 10 Load of ... 30 August 1796 Adams, John Prospect of another hot day. Pursuing the Wall. Tirrell worked with our Men. Trask cutting ... 31 August 1796 Adams, John Wind north and Air cold. Working on the high Ways. Carried a great Part of my gravel and ...