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December 1823 CFA It is my intention in commencing this book to improve my style of writing by means ... 18 December 1823 CFA Arose considerably fatigued by the exertions last evening and the late hour at ... 19 December 1823 CFA Arose this morning considerably refreshed and walked over to Mrs. Gilman’s to ... 20 December 1823 CFA For the last twelve miles to Hartford we travelled over the ground which was some ... 21 December 1823 CFA The journey was slow and we did not get to New York till after six in the next ... 22 December 1823 CFA Thus we travelled on, rapidly and comfortably throughout the night and at six ... 23 December 1823 CFA At about one in the morning, we were roused by the announcement of our arrival at ... 24 December 1823 CFA Arose this morning very much refreshed and scarcely feeling any effects from the ... 25 December 1823 CFA Arose this morning in high spirits and caught Johnson and John in the first ... 26 December 1823 CFA Up late as usual to make up for the deficiencies in the evening. After breakfast ... 27 December 1823 CFA Arose this morning rather late, and after breakfast set myself looking around to ... 28 December 1823 CFA Did not attend Church to day but staid at home and took Medicine in order to start ... 29 December 1823 CFA I spent this day at home also and repeated my Medicine. The Morning was employed in ... 30 December 1823 CFA After studying my Geography and reading my number of essays, I went in the carriage ... 31 December 1823 CFA Performed my usual duties this morning, after which I took a walk with Johnson and ...