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Docno: ADMS-03-01-02-0003-0001-0010

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Date: 1781-06-18

Monday June 18th 1781.

This morning I went to a bookseller's to get the Politique Hollandois; Mr. Cerisier din'd here; after dinner I went to Mr. Sigourney's and drank tea there; after tea I went to see Mr. Greves, he was not at home, but as I was returning I met him in the Street and went to his house with him again, we went to the Coffy house where I left Mr. Greaves, and return'd home at about 9 o'clock.
(From Guthrie's Grammar continued from Yesterday) Chap. 4th §: 10th.1
1. On the next three and one-half pages of the Diary, JQA transcribed sections 10–12 from Guthrie, Geographical Grammar , p. 403, concerning Dutch learning and learned men, universities, and “antiquities and curiosities, natural and artificial.”