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The Adams Papers


  • Thomas Boylston Adams
  • James Barr Ames
  • Mark Carroll
  • F. Murray Forbes
  • Stephen T. Riley
  • Arthur J. Rosenthal
  • George K. Whitney


  • Bernard Bailyn
  • Julian Parks Boyd
  • Paul Herman Buck
  • L. H. Butterfield
  • David Herbert Donald
  • Marc Friedlaender
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Leonard Woods Labaree
  • Robert Earle Moody
  • Ernest Samuels
  • Vernon Dale Tate
The acorn and oakleaf device on the preceding page is redrawn from a seal cut for John Quincy Adams after 1830. The motto is from Caecilius Statius as quoted by Cicero in the First Tusculan Disputation: Serit arbores quae alteri seculo prosint (“He plants trees for the benefit of later generations”).