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1. JA 's diary entry for 18 Sept. concludes; “Wrote many Letters to go by Mr. Paul Revere” ( Diary and Autobiography , 2:135). We know that he wrote two on this date||, [1] and [2],|| to AA , as well as one to Richard Cranch ( Adams Family Correspondence , 1:157–160), but he wrote also this same day to Josiah Quincy Jr. and to James Warren, although this last has not been found (see James Warren to JA , 16 Oct. 1774, below). The Boston Gazette printed about half the letter to Cranch, without identifying writer or recipient; just above this extract is another, also from Philadelphia, dated 18 Sept. (Boston Gazette, 26 Sept.). This extract, which could be from the letter to James War• { 176 } ren, reads: “The Contempt and Abhorrence in which Addressors, Protestors, and sworn Councellors are held here, are ineffable.” JA , by his own account, had opposed sending any address from the Suffolk bar to departing Gov. Thomas Hutchinson, and Warren had Written to Adams about Plymouth “protestors” ( Works , 10:38–40; Warren to JA , 3 Jan. 1774, above).