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7. Instead of the Annual Register, Jenings may mean the Parliamentary Register . The Annual Register for 1776 does give an account of the debates attending the placing of the German treaties before Parliament on 29 Feb. { 69 } 1776, but does not include the texts of the treaties. Volume 3 of John Almon's Parliamentary Register , 17 vols., London, 1774–1780, however, provides translations of the treaties signed with the Duke of Brunswick at Brunswick on 9 Jan. 1776, the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel at Cassel on 15 Jan. 1776, the Prince of Hesse-Cassel at Hannau on 5 Feb. 1776, and the Prince of Waldeck at Arolsen on 20 April 1776 (3:287–310, 504–508). Later volumes include the convention signed with the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel on 11 Dec. 1776 to augment the forces provided by him, the treaty with the Margrave of Brandenburgh-Anspach signed at Anspach on 1 Feb. 1777, and the convention with the Prince of Hesse of 10 Feb. to augment his forces (6:152–156; 7:44– 53). In each case the agreement was signed, on behalf of Great Britain, by William Fawcett (see JA to James Warren, 18 March, and note 2, above).