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Docno: ADMS-04-05-02-0070

Author: Adams, John Quincy
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1783-04-22

John Quincy Adams to John Adams

[salute] Honoured Sir

I arrived here in very good health yesterday morning at about 6. o'clock, after having spent some days at Amsterdam. I found here a letter from you,1 by which you leave to my choice to stay here [or] 2 go to Leyden: if you return to America this summer I think I had best stay here; because, if I go to Leyden; I shall only stay there a few weeks at most. You advise me yourself to stay here until you return.
Mr. D[ana] gave me when I left him two letters; one for you,3 and the other for Mr. Livingston4 which he enjoined me to deliver into your hands myself; but he has since wrote me to give the one for Mr. Livingston, to Mr. Ingraham, to be forwarded to America, but he forbids me absolutely to send yours by the post.5 I hope however to see you pretty soon here, as Mr. Oswald is said to be at present at Paris, to finish the Definitive treaty of Peace.

[salute] I am your Dutiful Son

[signed] J. Q. Adams
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1. Of 18 Feb., above.
2. Lost when the seal was cut out.
3. That dated 15 Oct. 1782, marked “Secret & confidential,” and endorsed by JA : “Letter by my Son” (Adams Papers). The date is evidently old style (26 Oct. N.S.), from the dating of other letters around it in Dana's letterbook. The text is in Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev. , 5:815–817.
4. Probably that dated 14 Oct. 1782, O.S., in Wharton, ed., Dipl. Corr. Amer. Rev. , 5:812–814.
5. See Dana to JQA , 1 Nov. 1782, N.S. (Adams Papers, filed and filmed under 21 Oct., O.S.). Dana repeated his injunctions on 21 Nov. 1782 (Adams Papers).

Docno: ADMS-04-05-02-0071

Author: Lee, Arthur
Recipient: Adams, Abigail
Date: 1783-04-23

Arthur Lee to Abigail Adams

[salute] Dear Madam

I arrived in Philadelphia this day1 and had the honor of receiving your Commands of the 9th.2 Tho' we were exceedingly desirous of the assistance of Mr. Adams in what yet remains to be done in Europe; yet his Letters were so pressing, that the Committee to whom they were referrd coud not resist reporting in favor of his resignation.3 Congress have not yet considerd that report; but I think Madam, you may rely upon it, that leave will be given as he requests.
I shall participate with you in the pleasure of his return, after so long a sacrifise as he has made to the peace and prosperity of this Country. Her gratitude will I hope never forget, the essential services he has renderd. A french frigate, that left France, the beginning of March, arrivd here two days since;4 but did not bring one line for Congress. We learn however, that the general Treaty was not then settled.

[salute] I have the honor to be with the truest sentiments of respect & esteem, Dear Madam, Yr. most Obedt. & most humbl. Servt.

[signed] Arthur Lee
RC (Adams Papers); addressed: “Mrs. Abigail Adams. Braintree near Boston”; franked: “Free A. Lee”; postmarked: “23 AP”; stamped: “FREE.”
1. Lee, serving in Congress since his election in Dec. 1781, had taken a brief trip to Virginia on 2 April (Burnett, ed., Letters of Members , 7:lxxvii, 121).
2. Not found. In her letter to JA of 7 April, above, AA noted receiving JA 's letters of 4 Dec. 1782, and 29 Jan., both above; JA 's announcement in those letters of his request to Congress to resign his post apparently prompted AA to ask Lee whether Congress would honor JA 's request. JA had directed AA on 4 Feb., above, to make such an enquiry, but AA did not receive this letter until 6 May ( AA to JA , 7 May, below). AA probably wrote to Lee, whom she had met in Sept. 1780 (vol. 3:406), because James Lovell had left Congress and Elbridge Gerry had not yet arrived there (see AA to JA , 28 April, below).
3. Lee was a member of the committee that recommended that JA 's resignation be accepted. On Congress' response, see JA to AA , 4 Dec. 1782, note 1, above.
4. The Active arrived at Chester, Penna., on 21 April (Burnett, ed., Letters of Members , 7:145).
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