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Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0003-0027

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-03-27

27. IX:35.

Morning at home, Baron Tuyll’s furniture,1 Miss Maese, Sergeant, Spanish, evening at home, Mr. E. J. Coale and promising son, Johnson Hellen.
1. The departing Russian minister, Baron von Tuyll, was selling his effects. JQA purchased a chest of silver service (Bemis, JQA , 2:94).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0003-0028

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-03-28

28. VIII:55.

Morning at home, Sergeant, Spanish, Natural Philosophy, evening, walk to Georgetown and with the family. Executive Record.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0003-0029

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-03-29

29. IX:30.

Morning at home, Sergeant, Spanish, evening, walk with Johnson, and the rest with the family, decline ball at the Barracks.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0003-0030

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-03-30

30. IX.

Morning, walk to the Capitol, House of Representatives, Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Cook,1 evening with the family, visit from Baron and Madame de Mareuil.
1. As the House continued to debate the proposed constitutional amendment which would have changed the method of choosing the President (see entry for 7 March, above), Representative Ichabod Bartlett, of New Hampshire, strongly opposed the amendment, while Daniel P. Cook, of Illinois, favored taking away the House’s role in electing the President but opposed the specific provisions of the proposed amendment ( Register of Debates in Congress , 19 Cong., 1 sess., 2:1914–1930).

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0003-0031

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-03-31

31. VIII:45.

Horseback with John, not so pleasant, Sergeant, Spanish, dinner party at home, N. Silsbee Jr., evening, Mr. Cook, politics.

Docno: ADMS-13-02-02-0002-0004-0001

Author: CFA
Date: 1826-04-01

April. 1826. Saturday. 1. VIII:30.

Morning at home, assorting Newspapers, attended auction, Baron Tuyll’s books, purchases, Mr. Bradish,1 evening at home.
1. Luther Bradish (1783–1863) had been sent abroad in 1820 by JQA, then Secretary of State, to negotiate a treaty with the Turkish government opening the Black Sea to American trade. Having spent the next several years in travel in the Near East and in the Balkans, he was just returning to the United States. Subsequently Bradish became a prominent New York Whig politician and served two terms as lieutenant governor ( DAB ).
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