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Docno: ADMS-06-06-02-0264

Author: Moylan, James
Recipient: First Joint Commission at Paris
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1778-08-01

James Moylan to the Commissioners

[salute] Honorable Gentlemen

The Frigate Boston saild this morning with her three prizes. Captain Tucker happend accidentally to have mention'd to me, that he had your orders to take on board some goods here, but that as the wind was fair, he determind not to wait for them. If it is a disapointment to you, which in any manner can be remedied by loading them on a french bottom, I can give you freight for them on reasonable terms, by one that I shall dispatch in all the next month for America.
I am much obliged to Mr. Franklin for having advanced Mr. Ogden1 Eight Guineas, in that gentleman's way hither, which sum I desire my friend in Paris to pay him. I would have acknowledged that favor sooner, if Mr. Ogden had acquainted me therwith before. I have the honor to be respectfully Honorable Gentlemen Your assur'd hi sv
[signed] James Moylan
RC (PPAmP: Franklin Papers); addressed: “The Honorable Plenipotentiary Ministers of the United States of America"; docketed, not by JA : “James Moylan L'Orient 1 Augt 78.”
1. Very likely Titus Ogden.

Docno: ADMS-06-06-02-0265

Author: Jones, John Paul
Recipient: First Joint Commission at Paris
Recipient: Adams, John
Date: 1778-08-02

John Paul Jones to the Commissioners

Captain Jones begs the Commissioners to oblige him with Copies of the following letters—or with the liberty of taking Copies of Monseigneur De Sartines letter to the Commissioners respecting Captain Jones, of their Answer to that letter, of the Commissioners letter to Lieutenant Simpson in consequence of Captain Jones' proposition in his favor, and of the paper dated the 4th of July—which being a memorandum of what Captain Jones had to communicate in conversation, he made out but one Copy.1
RC (ViU: Lee Papers); notation on first page: “(Copy)”; docketed in an unknown hand, at the head of the letter: “Augt. 2. 1778”; in two other hands on the reverse: “Captn. Jones to American Plenipos: (2 Augt. 1778.)”; “1778.”
1. For the letter from Sartine and the Commissioners' reply, see Sartine's of 5 July and note 1 (above). For the letter to Simpson of 16 July, which was prompted by those from Jones of 4 and 16 July, see Simpson's letter to the Commissioners of 3 July, note 2 (above). For the “memorandum” and its possible copying, see that document of 4 July, note 1 (above). Jones may have been permitted a copy of the letter to Sartine of 11 July, for such a document is in the Jones Papers (PCC, No. 168, f. 173).
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