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Docno: ADMS-06-07-02-0022

Author: Franklin, Benjamin
Author: Lee, Arthur
Author: Adams, John
Author: First Joint Commission at Paris
Recipient: Bondfield, John
Date: 1778-09-11

The Commissioners to John Bondfield

[salute] Sir

Yours of the fifth instant1 We have received. We wish better Health to Captain Ayers,2 and a safe Passage to his Vessell, which is at sea { 26 } before now no doubt, if not however she is to sail forthwith, without further orders.
Your Draughts for the Account inclosed will be duely honoured. But you must distinguish that Part of it, which belongs to Mr. Adams in his private Capacity from the other Articles of the Account, and from those which were advanced to him for his own Captain Palmes's and Dr. Noels Expences at Bourdeaux and from thence to Paris.
For the Articles Sent by you, to Mr. Adams's Family in America, to the amount of Eight hundred and Eighty Eight Livres and twelve Sols, together with your Commissions on that sum, you will please to draw on Mr. Adams in his private Capacity who will honour your Draught at Sight. For the Remainder draw on the Commissioners, who will pay the Draught the same Respect.3
This however is not to affect a Question, which remains to be discussed between you and the other Continental Agents, concerning the Amount of your Commissions. Nor is this to be considered as a settlement of your Accounts. You have charged five Per Cent Commissions. But We apprehend this Commission is too high, and that many Persons would be willing to do the Business for <Three> Two Per Cent. <or less.>
We are sir, your humb sert
1. Not found.
2. John Ayres of the Arnold Packet.
3. The portion of Bondfield's account relating to JA included 1,404 livres advanced at Bordeaux and the sum mentioned here for goods sent to America. JA 's personal accounts indicate that both amounts were paid on 25 May (JA, Diary and Autobiography , 2:328–329), but see also JA 's letter to Bondfield of 3 June (vol. 6:175, calendar entry; Diary and Autobiography , 4:126). The remainder of the accounts apparently totaled 82,684.10 livres, which the Commissioners' accounts from 9 Aug. to 12 Nov. indicate had been ordered paid on 9 Sept. (vol. 6:360).

Docno: ADMS-06-07-02-0023-0001

Author: Dumas, Charles William Frederic
Recipient: Franklin, Benjamin
Recipient: Lee, Arthur
Recipient: Adams, John
Recipient: First Joint Commission at Paris
Date: 1778-09-11

C. W. F. Dumas to the Commissioners

[salute] M.

En me referant à mes deux dernieres du 4 et 9 de ce mois, je continue aujourdhui, que j'ai appris de notre ami, que demain, dans l'Assemblée d'Hollande, on s'occupera d'une matiere très importante, savoir des déprédations commises par les Anglois tout récemment sur nombre de vaisseaux hollandois; que tous les négociants d'Amsterdam en Corps vont incessamment faire présenter une adresse à LL. hh. pp., pour demander la protection qui leur est due de la part du Souverain; démarche, qui, si les Anglois ne se mettent pas à la raison, et en regle quant à la neutralité de la république, entraîneroit enfin necessaire• { 27 } ment des mesures et suites très sérieuses; comme de forcer la republique à user de représailles, < et de la jeter entre les bras de La France et de l'Amérique > &c. En attendant la Commerce est mort à Amsterdam, parce que personne ne veut assurer. J'attends, Messieurs, ce que je vous ai demandé par ma Lettre du 4; Voilà de bonnes conjonctures pour battre ce fer tout chaud. L'avis d'Amsterdam sera imprimé la semaine prochaine. J'irai à Amsterdam un peu après notre ami; et je l'y verrai.